The Amber are a femele based society, having no males (long lost to history around 2200 BQF)- the females managed to artificial reproduce themselves with aid of genetics and laboratoria. As such the Amber society are considered amazons of Quadrant 82 (while actually that honors goes to the Ancrevialicia).


The Amber are a humanoid species, with only females the Amber have difficulties trusting other humanoid males, though are curious about them in all kind of manners. Though the Amber are good looking females, with mammal breasts and other humanoid traits, the Amber are actually an amphibious humanoid species. The Amber possessed physiology common to amphibious species, including low light vision and excellent swimming skills. They stood an average of 1.8 meters, and compared to other amphibious species the Amber have no trouble being outside the water. The head-tendrils of the Amber are used to detect the emotional state of another being, but are most effective underwater. The most common Amber are blue/green/red skinned and are often found onboard their star cruisers, exploring nearby planets or executing trade with other species.

There are other skin variations for other tribes, like green/black or yellow/red. Yet they are less common and rarely venture off planet.

The Amber hail from the mysterious planet Amber, a water planet located beyond the Astroid Belt and close to the borders of the Quadrantia Stellar Concordium. The Amber act as their "protectrate" and actually have little to say over their economy and policies.


Not much is recorded of the history of the Amber. In ancient times the massive underwater cities of the Amber stood proud and tall, facing a turbelent time and with strong currents plagueing the seas of their planet, man of the cities fell and were swept away. Known records indicate that around 2200 BQF the Amber males went extinct due to unknown means, facing extinction the Amber females sought other ways to reproduce themselves and ensure the survival of their race. With the use of genetics and laboratori the Amber were able to survive. Around 1500 BQF the Amber planet was discovered by something known as the Quadrantia Stellar Concordium and forced peace upon the planet. The planet became an outer protectrate of the QSC and the Amber had little to say of their daily lives.

Around 03 AQF the Amber were able to launch their own cruiser, measering 450 meter in lenght and with brown colors the Amber wished to explore the stars as the influance of the QSC began to dwindle over them. Upon their start of exploring, the Amber are rather ignorant of space beyond the astroid belt. Underneath a few of the ships that went beyond the astroid belt, contact has been lost with the vessels. Unknown to the Amber at that time, some of their species were captures by the slavers of Sanderhal to be sold as slaves, servants and girls of pleasure.


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An Coalition Cruiser

The Amber cruiser is the main and only space capable vessel of the Amber. This ship is a sturdy vessel, often called the Coalition Cruiser, as the various Amber tribes are united under a Coalition of peace. It is a sturdy yet reliable vessel with shieldings and weapons, though it is no match for a heavily armed star destroyer or battle cruiser.



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