The carnivorous am'uy hunt burvels & carvas.

A proud am'uy mother.


The average am'uy herd consists of 18 adults and 9 young. Sometimes packs of ne'muuls follow along with the am'uy for protection of numbers and free food.


Am'uy live in burrows under the great plains that cover more then 90% of Marsis's crust.

The Great Nareele Purge[]

Nearing the end of the Creature Stage a lone am'uy was in hot pursuit of a burvel when she stumbled upon a nest of previously undiscovered species, the Narelle (nareeli plural). Narelli look like black worms about 8 inches long. There were other creatures standing around the nest, and to the am'uy's horror each creature had about five nareele attached to the back of its head. The nareeli puppets turned around and started growing at the am'uy. Their eyes were hollow, and their hair was dirty and matted. They then started to attack the am'uy, the am'uy ran as fast as it could back to its nest. Upon arrival the am'uy told all of the other am'uy of the horrors that she had encountered at the nest. The other am'uy then rallied to attack the Nareeli and charged of the nest to destroy the nareele. The battle raged for seven years, The puppets were much more powerful then the am'uy had reckoned. Nearing the end of the seventh year of battle during a raid against the nareeli the alpha was killed by three puppets. The saddened and disheartened am'uy were ready to retreat when the female who first discovered the Nareele preposed a daring raid against the Nareeli to destroy all the eggs and ravage their nest... They were successful!