The Alpha Venator, also know as the Hunter, are a carnivorous and war-like space-faring species. While they are new to inter-stellar travel, they have already created a federation with several other species around them.


Pre-Tribal History[]

The Hunter evolved legs and walked onto the beaches early. There they lived for years until a lack of food drove them away. They wandered, looking for a place to live. They found a temporary home in the vast planes, there was ample prey. However there was much competition and the Hunter moved again. They settled in the Great Forest, where there was much less competition and more prey. The Hunter soon discovered fire and had started to seek knowledge.

Tribal History[]

After discovering fire and the benefits of huts, the Hunter formed many tribes. For a while they were content to hunt and fish, paying little attention to the other tribes forming around them. This changed as the population began to grow and they needed more land. They looked outwards, to the other tribes. The Hunter made axes and spears for war and after many long attacks, they had destroyed a tribe. They claimed the land and settled in, expanding their reach. Many of the other tribes saw this as a threat, and nearly all of them started to raid the Hunter, attacking the young and stealing food. To the Hunter, it was a time for revenge. They picked up their axes and spears and started a war. After several years of fighting, the Hunter had destroyed all tribes save one. By this time the population of the Hunter was vast, but their leader, the incarnated form of their God, knew that enough blood had been shed. So the Hunter put down their axes and spears and picked up the didgeridoos and flutes. They improved their relations until they were allies, soon to be one nation.

Advance into Civilization[]

The newly conquered and united land belonged to the Hunter and to control their land they needed cities. They knew the only protection lied in strength so they trained an army. Around this time the surviving tribes from the mainland also formed into nations. The Hunter had realized the advantages of trade and so started many trade routes with other nations. They refused to cooperate with self-righteous nations that forced their beliefs upon others. The next great war started with a disagreement between the Hunter Federal Republic and the Nations of The Source. It started when the Nations of The Source tried to force their beliefs on the Hunter Federal Republic, who worshiped the Alpha Venator. They did this violently, killing anyone who wouldn't convert. The Federal Republic called upon their allies for help and started attacking the Nations of The Source. This war ended when the Hunter Federal Republic launched, with permission from their allies, an ICBM at the capitol city of the Nations. There were massive casualties on all sides. The war improved relations with the allies of the Hunter Federal Republic, and soon they were united under one flag, that of the Hunter Federal Republic.

Recent History of the Hunter Federation[]

The Hunter moved into space, looking for life elsewhere. They encountered a species very similar to themselves, this new species called themselves Bandit, and they were strangely a diplomatic empire. They soon joined the Hunter in the Federal Republic, now simply called the Hunter Federation. Next they encountered a very peaceful species call Peace, they were the next to join the Federation. More recently, a new species called Galkind have been discovered, they were warriors like the Hunter and were eager to join the Federation.

Cultural Information[]


The Hunter believe that it is the right of the strong to rule, but the strong must rule with honor, for not all are blessed with strength. While there are exceptions to this rule, it is not normal to see the physically weak in charge of Hunter government. That rule encourages the Hunter to stay in good physical condition. The Hunter also value honor highly and the nation will often go to war to protect the honor of a member.


The Hunter believe in the Alpha Venator, their species name-sake. The Alpha Venator led the Hunter personally, as he will incarnate into a Hunter when ever he is needed. The Hunter religion is a very loose one, it encourages members to follow what they believe is right, even to a point of allowing other species' gods into the Hunter faith. Private worship of the Alpha Venator replaces community gathers in many parts of the nation, and is often more stressed that other parts of the official faith.

The Alpha Venator, God of the Hunter


The Hunter Federation is a federal republic, with at least 5 representatives from every planet, and at least ten representatives from each member species. There is no one singular head of government, it is instead broken into a branch for each species, the military is the biggest part of the Hunter's branch, and all members of the branch must have been a member of the armed forces at one point in time. Governing positions for planets or cities do not have this requirement.

Quotes from other Empires[]

The Hunter are a new and kind race. We will help gratefully.

- Pepis Republic

An Interesting Species... We too like hunting. We will keep a close eye on this race.

- Captain Votarah

Lmao! Short and Green, these creatures are funny! We will call them... Gooey Swamp Ball Guys who kinda look like Loron!

- Gablinus-Avis