An Alkonons Citizen.

Captain Logor, a very famous Alkononian Captain.

The Alkonons

The Beginnings of the Alkonons[]

The Alkonon species were omnivorus cells. They were very spiky which allowed them to ward off any lurking predators. The cells were bluish in color but once they evolved, they gained the dark green hue.

Arrival on Land[]

The Alkonons were omnivorus due to their celluar begginings. They soon lost their omnivorus diet and gained a carnivrous diet. The Alkonons were bound to the land for at least 30 million years until they grew wings. With their new feature, the Alkonons could travel around faster. The Alkonons are an interesting species. It allied with creatures that had weak to normal abilities. The Alkonons also extincted creatures that were weaker than them to stronger than them by overpowering them with large packs. They usually tended to leave the very strong creatures alone unless they were attacked by them. Then they tried to destroy the species.

-This information was gathered by Alkonon Scientists when they discovered fossilzed Alkonons battling other creatures and a nearby epic. The fossils were found near a large spice geyser.

Tribal Evolution[]

The Alkonons gained sapience and when their first tribe was founded they couldn't name it at first. They couldn't name it since language wasn't fully developed yet. It was referred to with a grunt and shaking of the hands and a strange word: Oonga. Language soon developed very quickly and Oonga meant "First One". This was part of the old language. The new language arose when an Alkonon shaman allegdly recieved enlightment from their primitive God, Gaiga, meaning Great Ruler of Creation. Since then, the Alkonons quickly grew in techology, a new era has been created.

They have discovered a way to create small grenades that spewed out fire. Spears were also invented when Alkonons discovered a way to refine the nearby ore. The nearby ore was actually 75% titanium and 20% iron and the rest was different elements. The Alkonons weren't very hostile but used their tech to overpower any attackers.