When we strike out for the stars, we will do so united, and the stars themselves will see our unshakable spirit and quake before us, for we are Alissari, and we will know no fear.

- The Arch-Mindlord, 20 AE

The Alissari (ancient Feanasi: "people of the Life-God") are a race of reptilian humanoids native to the planet Alissar, one half of a binary planet pair orbiting the G-class yellow dwarf star Echen in the Milky Way galaxy. United for circa 5000 years under the rule of the Alissari Ecumene, the Alissari are small compared to other Gigaquadrant powers, controlling only a small bubble of twenty thousand systems, but make up for it in sheer resilience, unbreakable zeal, and a combined military numbering in the tens of millions.


For this examination, we will be looking at the biology of baseline (that is, "pureblood," unmodified) Alissari.

Like most reptiles, Alissari are covered in scales (that mostly have a reddish-orange hue, thought genemodding and cosmetic nanosurgery can modify it), but have features that actually classify them as synapsids: notably, they are warmblooded, and their females possess mammaries and give birth to live young. They also possess a secondary set of vocal cords that, due to not being as refined as their primary set, are only capable of making guttural, bestial sounds. These sounds, however, are comparable to body language, allowing them to convey feelings and moods without talking. Most tellingly, they use these secondary cords to emit bestial roars that are meant to intimidate enemies, or convey victory or anguish. Many outsiders believe that Alissari are exclusively carnivorous; they are in fact omnivorous, but highly prefer meat, only eating fruits and vegetables when meat is unavailable. Although herbivorous foodstuffs are just as nutritious to the Alissari as to other omnivorous and herbivorous species, to them it tastes bland and has no side effects at best, and tastes horrible and can cause flatulence and stomach cramps at worst.


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The diversity of the Ecumene means that Alissari culture is extremely varied, but a few common values exist throughout Alissari space. Primarily, the ideals of loyalty and military service are held to the highest regard. While not all Alissari enter the military upon coming of age, nor is military service compulsory by Ecumene-wide law, their immortality means that, at some point in their lives, most Alissari will either serve in the military at some point in the future, or have served and are now considered reservists to be called upon in times of war. Freedom of speech, movement, and belief, however, are enshrined in Ecumene law, and while dissent may arise, it is often negotiated away. Alissari architecture varies from planet to planet, but the most recognizable of their styles is Neo-Sovereignty, a modernized rendition of the designs seen in the United Alifeasi Sovereignty, a pre-Collapse superpower. It is defined by spartan lines and angles, making for a very practical yet aesthetically pleasing design. Such architecture primarily seen on Alissar, as well as on planets settled in the Second Expansion Wave that followed the end of the post-Collapse dark age.


Over five thousand years of interstellar civilization has given birth to a plethora of languages and dialects throughout the worlds of the Alissari Ecumene, but the most common remains the modern dialect of Alifeasi. Alifeasi dates back to the last century of the iron-age Alifeasi Empire, before its collapse at the hands of hordes of migrating barbarians from the eastern continent of Hyenor. Over time, Alifeasi has spliced and incorporated words from multiple other languages into its vocabulary, but remains the same at its core.


While the great majority of Alissari have the reddish-orange colour palette, other variants have (and still do) exist. Such variants include the pinkskins (who dwelt in the polar areas of the planet much like Earth's Inuit), and the greenskins (whose green-brown colour palette made for excellent camouflage in their jungle home), and other variants with even more unnatural pigmentations emerged with the advent of gengineering and cosmetic nanosurgery.

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See Alissari Ecumene.

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