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The Aldinans are the greatest race of the Marnil Galaxy. Some say that they rule the galaxy, but they don't.


The Aldinians started out as a cell in a meteor from a planet that was destroyed. This is their History:

5 billion EYA (Earth Years Ago): Aldercon is formed from asteroids and other space debris.

4 billion EYA: Comets form the first ocean on Aldercon. Also, first plants develop on land.

The cellular Aldinian

3.8 billion EYA: A meteor crashes in to young Aldercon's ocean, with the Aldinian cell inside.

900 million EYA: The Aldinian cell becomes large enough to go to land.

3 million EYA: Aldinians become sapient, and form a little tribe.

2 million EYA: Increased volcanism on Aldercon causes a mass extiction that wipes out 85% of life. However, the Aldinians adapt by getting better lungs. This means that they can survive almost EVERYWHERE, except on T-0 planets (like all species, except the Grox).

50,000 EYA: The main Aldinian tribe becomes a city.

20,000 EYA: Industry pollutes Aldercon. But, due to their adaption, they can survive the polluted air, but it stil isn't nice to look at.

5,000 EYA: War starts over Spice and other resources. The Aldinians set out to unite the planet.

50 EYA: After sucessfully uniting the planet, the Aldinians launch a spaceship. Kimus, a scientist, is their first captain.

1 EYA: Aldinians join the AGA (now called the GEA).

1 EMA: An Oklaet, a race inhabiting the Milky Way, iinvents intergalactic travel, goes to Aldercon, and gives this technology to the Aldinians.

Physical InformationEdit

The Aldinians are a race adapted for killing Epic creatures. One main thing are their large claw-like hands. They are the only thing that Epics are afraid of (besides other Epics). They are relativley social, but they don't sing, as their songs sound like a dog. They have 4 eyes. But they are almost never visible.


The Aldinians are a techinical race, and are relativley dependent on it, like The Grox. However, they are not evil. Aldinian teens spend lots of time watching the Telecon, which is like Earth's TV, except it is just a hologram screen. The most popular show is an Earth show called Spongebob Squarepants, about a sea sponge. There is also the ConnectedAlder (The equivalent of The Internet on Earth). There is also a game called HUMAN, which you control a human in spaceship, and attempt to colonize Alpha Centauri and other systems. It is a big hit with the human race.

Jobs and IndustryEdit

Ever since they polluted their planet, the Aldinians have looked into fuel cell energy. All their Spice factories run on fuel cells, and their vehicles. Recently, the Okalets have given them Intergalactic Drive, which the Aldinians used to warp to the Sol sytem, and they found Earth, and set up an AGA base in Antarctica.

Most are scientists and inventors, most of them developing weapons for the Irkens (currently in the Grox/Irken War), while others developing new technology, such as new energy sources, spice mining technology, etc.


Crime rates are low (about 1%), as police officers have superior technology (such as tracking chips and death ray guns,) .


Aldinians have a Grand Senate, where senators from different colonies meet to discuss things. The leader of the Senate (and the Empire as a whole) is the Head Senator, who is adressed as "My Senator." The current Head Senator is Gratt, who has done well to improve the Empire. A Head Senator's term is for life, but a normal senator's is 5 Aldercon Years (25 Earth Years.)


The Aldinians are some of the most technologically skilled creatures in Universe, only rivaled by the Okalets, the smartest race in the Milky Way.

Intergalactic DriveEdit

Given to them by the Okalets, it creates a wormhole that can take them to other galaxies. so far, they have only visited the Milky Way and gone to Earth, and have set up an AGA base in Antarctica.

Solar System DestroyerEdit

The most feared weapon in the Universe, it is only used in Grox systems. It causes the star to go supernova, thus destroying the ENTIRE system (and anything in it) There is a joke going around that the only reason the Grox hate everyone is that the Aldinians destroyed their home sytsem, and they were so mad that they killed almost everyone in a 15 Parsec radius.

Quotes from OthersEdit

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"I wonder what has happened since we gave them our intergalactic drives..."

-An Okalet

"Please don't blast us to smithereens!"

-The Goat Bird Empire, shortly before their destrction

"Description: Very dominant and intelligent. Strength: VERY HIGH. Result: RUN LIKE HECK!"

-The Grox

"A solar destroyer? I hope they don't use it on us!"


"What the heck dude! I needed that!!!"

-Ularien of the Gawa Empire,Milky Way

"Power is useful. The Aldanians have power. The Aldanians may be worthy of an alliance."

-The Twenty-First Emperor of Windchest


In taxonomy, Aldinians are related to the Asgords.

In their language "Aldinian" means all-powerful and god like.

They are Williezk's first creatures to get the Omnipitent badge.

Allies And EnemiesEdit


"Race who love us and our glory."

Gorpopter: Allies (100+), and the Gorpopters like generally everyone (50): 150

Crosseyes: Allied (100+): 100

Improved Person With Clothes: Allied (100+), and have an ongoing trade route (55), 155

Xio: WAS at war, but now allied (-200, +100), +100

Almost AlliesEdit

"Races who like us, but we have not got a permenant deal with." Firefighter Empire: Allies (+100), but are attacking the Gorpopter (-50), +50


"Don't know, don't care."

All other races: Don't know about (0), 0

Almost EnemiesEdit

"We're pretty ticked off at them."




The Grox: The Grox hate everyone (-400), -400


The Aldinians have lots of colonies, and there are too many to post here. So here is a few:


Main article: Planet:Aldercon Aldercon is the Aldinian homeworld. It is also home to the capital of the Empire.


Hecussa is a famous colony, because it was terrformed from T0 to T3. It also has purple Spice, which makes it famous, and some consider it a "second capital" of the Empire, should Aldercon be attacked. But this is unlikely, as Aldercon has an Uber Turret.
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The Aldinian colony planet Hecussa

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