Sometimes... life puts you in circumstances you didn't choose. Nor would you, if you had a choice. But we, as a people have decided to make the most of things as we can.

- Senator Chacia

The Alavar are a race of humanoids native to the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Known for their beauty and their peace loving nature, the Alavar have endured much toil and hardship in their history, though their cheerful persona often allows them to look optimistically to the future.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Native to the planet of Anamalia, the Alavar's history on their planet was generally peaceful, but when they began to expand into space their species often came under attack from pirates who saw great profit in the exploitation of the Alavar's natural beauty. Over time, the Alavar spread across Cyrannus becoming perhaps it's most notable humanoid species.

However the species would still have to endure perhaps their most testing challenge during the Second Galactic War when the cruel Imperial Alliance arrived in the Outer Rim, invading Anamalia and forcing the peaceful Alavar into slavery. While short lived, this ordeal left a mark on the Alavar's outlook that wouldn't rectify for a great many years. When the United Republic of Cyrannus heard of the situation, they immediately ousted the Alliance from the System. The Alavar were free.

Republic Era Edit

Alavar Enslavement

The Imperial Alliance enslaves the Alavar.

The Alavar soon faced great prosperity due to their new found membership in the Cyrannian Republic, expanding their culture of harmony and peace across Cyrannus. The Alavar people were generally very supportive of President Apollo and in the next senatorial election, the young and beautiful Senator Chacia, who soon became one of the senate's most popular representatives. However, during this time many other Alavar became criminals and bounty hunters across the generally lawless Outer Rim.

Imperial Era Edit

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, the Alavar continued to be represented by Senator Chacia in the senate though the official Imperial Leader of the Alavar became Praetor Fabray, a kind and loyal Imperial.

Culture Edit

Having a culture of peace and tranquility, the Alavar appear from the onset as a relatively average Cyrannian species. However, underneath their culture lies a trait that has earned the Alavar the respect of most of Cyrannus' residents, their will to survive, and to live life as well as they can. However, they have also been damaged during the last century by the evil and expansionistic power of outside invaders, such as the former Imperial Alliance who enslaved the Alavar people, exploiting both gender's natural beauty.

Biology and Appearance Edit

Known for their natural beauty, the Alavar are often considered one of the most beautiful mammalian species in Cyrannus. They do not grow hair, instead they have two fleshy head-tails growing at the back of their heads. These tails are extremely sensitive and one can immobilize an Alavar by injuring one of them. In relation to this, the Alavar are generally much weaker then most of the other major Cyrannian species, so much in fact that a Mortalitas could quite easily crush one under it's foot.

Notable Individuals Edit

Senator Chacia

Senator Chaciá is the peaceful, quiet and democracy loving young senator of the Alavar. Senator Chaciá is very young, at only twenty one years old but she has a strong opinion and a strong voice, which grants her respect in the eyes of many other senators and government officials. Chaciá is very friendly and loved the Cyrannus Republic which she served.

She grew up on the Alavar Homeworld, a planet constantly under attack by pirates and even worse, the Imperial Alliance, though her and her family survived long enough for the Cyrannus Republic to liberate them, she saw many horrors and became fixated on making change in the galaxy. When she was elected to the senate in 0 BTC, she got her wish and constantly strives to better herself and protect her people.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, she was initially unsure of the new power, but decided to stay in the senate, in order to represent her people.


Corva is a female Alavar currently serving as a smuggler and crewmember of Claire Rambo's freighter, the Falcon in its voyages across the First Gigaquadrant. Claiming to have seen more of the galaxy than most, Corva is a fun-loving, fortune seeking, wise cracking rogue, whose cunning and intelligence have made her a famous figure in the Cyrannian underworld. A native of the galactic capital Orbispira, Corva soon found friendship with a fellow rogue, the Paladian known as Tironus and ultimately found friendship with the exiled leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Voro Acetenus as well as famed Rambo officer Claire Rambo.

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Quotes Edit

A weak, humanoid race. I have little time for them.

- Zillum

An honourable people, the Alavar have long been the subject of tyranny and yet they emerge stronger all the time.

- Apollo

Hmpf. They serve no purpose to me.

- Tyrant

Physically, they are quite similar to us. Their spirits, however, are weak, viable for control. I could use this attitude for my plans...

- Agnassana

To serve as slaves, that is their only purpose!

- Lizardian

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