There are Humans living in the jungle planet of Al Axiya, as you may have guessed, they are called Al Axiya Humans. They have done everything under the influence the god of creation and the earth element with the same name, Al Axiya.


Creature phase[]

Tribe phase[]

Civilization phase[]

Space phase[]


Al Axiya Birth[]

The Birth of Al Axiya is a monumental event in the history of humans in Al Axiya. Shortly after the god, Al Axiya, was born at the center of the GalaxiaWild galaxy, the second comet hit the newly born jungle planet. Super smart and super fast cells appeared. Added to that, magic began developing at the core and then spread to the rest the planet. ESP (extra-sensory perception) was the first psychic power to develop in all lifeforms.

The First Apes and the Yahim Meteor Shower[]

The Humans of Al Axiya recall that their ancestors where hairless apes who walked across one of the jungle-covered continents, allying with apes and colourful birds, as wells as other peaceful animals, exterminated aggresive species, faced giant animals and evolved countless times. The Yahim Meteor Shower that appeared halfway in their journey was the most natural disaster in prehistoric Al Axiya. Yet it did not destroy the planet, instead it pounded the ground simultaneously, until new, more complex magic emerged from the crust. All lifeforms began harnessing more complex psychic powers.

The Awakening of Psi[]

When Humans in Al Axiya began tribal lifestyle, Al Axiya appeared to tell them to kill off the evil tribe that appeared to wipe out humans and them ally with the rest. The tribe had a strong bond with the Sea Monster.

The Ascension[]

When the other tribes were allied with, the inevitable happens to Al Axiya. Civilizations began developing, first, Religious, then Military, and finally, Economic, or that was the plan. After the first economic takeover was implimented, an opposing religion tried to defeat Al Axiya's trusted nation. So Military takeover was the last resort. Al Axiya's nation thought it was going to turn into hell as the Al Axiya Civil War broke out, and it took 200 hundred years to end. They secretly allied with a friendly nation with two cities. After the Al Axiya Civil War ended, the alliance reached its height and the friendly nation joind up. The building complexes have attained a jungle theme and the cities were all armed with turrets, the cities were filled, and every spice node on Al Axiya was obtained, earning the Spice Hoarder acheivement. As a reward for their success, Al Axiya fully upgraded the psychokinetic powers the Humans on Al Axiya possessed.

Journey to Al Axiya's Birthplace[]

PK Starship.png

The Humans on Al Axiya had obtained the Bard archetype, through random actions guided by Al Axiya himself. Now the Al Axiya Humans have decided to meet their creator in person at the center of the GalaxiaWild galaxy. They developed a spacecraft that helps the crew channel their latent abilities. It's called, the PK Starship. Now they hardly ever get weapons, as their aim is peaceful. They regularly buy socialization tools, main tools, cargo holds, planet atmospheric tools, planet sculpting tools, planet colouring tools and ship abilities. They also buy Bio-Protectors and Bio-Stabilizers.


"Giungla" is the italian word for "jungle".