These prehistoric "herd mothers" were a common sight across the grasslands of planet Volleranov.

- Spore description

The Agelimitera (Agelimitera maia) is a species of sailcrest endemic to the open savannas of the planet Volleranov, though they can also be found feeding on water grasses along the edge of wetlands coastal seas and riverbeds.

Agelimiteras are peaceful herbivores who living in large communal herds sometimes consisting of several hundred individuals. They have a strong social structure and the entire community serves to protect their young from harm. They are consistently predated upon by the giant apex predators, the Doroledo, who use their numbers to maximize their own catch success.


The subphylum "Ambulignum" is a merging of the Latin words "ambulans", meaning "walking or walker", and "lugnum", meaning "wood, timber, stock, log, or silva" and is used in place of the word "stick". The superclass "Quartrepoda" is a combination of "quatro" meaning "four", and "poda" meaning "limb(s)". The class "Armigerskelis" is a combination of the Latin "armiger" meaning "armor", and the Greek "skelis" meaning "hind leg", though it actually is meant to refer to each of their limbs. The subclass "Duetops" is a combination of the Italian word "duet" meaning in "a composition for two performers", and the Greek "ops" meaning "eye or face". The subfamily "Istiolophinae" comes from the Latin word "istío" meaning "sail", and the Greek word "lophos" meaning "crest or tuft". The species name, "maia" is a mythical Greek deity and used as the word for "good mother".

Behind the scenes[]

A Doroledo chases a herd of Agelimiteras.

The Agelimitera was actually seen in the game as Maiasaura, created by SPoRE creator Hydromancerx, former SporeWiki content creator and the creator of Sagan IV. These creatures were made more unique in order to give the planet its own organisms that were supposed to have evolved on the planet without any extra migrant species, and to move away from a world chock full of "real life dinosaurs, Pokémon, and living hotdogs", especially given that the same cluster of species tends to show up in Somarinoa's played games despite over 10,000 pieces of content being made available.

The Agelimitera were given grass on their beaks to show their intended demeanor of constantly feeding and is not meant to be an actual part of their anatomy.