The Aestroms are a bipedal mammalian species native to planet Aestrom. They are a highly reasonable species that excell in diplomacy and acting as neutral arbiters. They are characterized by their hog-like mouth, several tusks, webbed feet and hands, and their slithery wet skin.

Prior to civilization Aestroms typically lived in stone huts in giant redwood forests, usually close by to mud pits, geysers and hot springs. They also have a strange obsession with paintings detailing historic moments, to the point that every building has at least one. They are a highly reasonable species when it comes to foreign policy and interstellar relations, though there is one notable exception.

Their first contact with a species ended in disaster, as their nearest extrasolar planet was used as an outpost by a violent, brutal race known as the Khazards. Their entire team was slaughtered, starting the very long history of conflict between the two.

Over the next three hundred and fifty years the Aestrom Republic continued to expand whilst the Khazard Empire withdrew back to their original borders. Besides the capital homeworld of Planet Aestrom, the Aestroms have several other highly-urbanized worlds, notably Ussi, a tidal-locked metropolis and Zax Alpha, a divided world between Aestroms and Khazards.

Following several border wars and skirmishes between raiding Khazard starships and Aestrom patrols, the Aestrom Republic elected a new president, Delan, who had campaigned to join the Galactic Crusader Union; however, by the time he entered office the GCU had collapsed. The Aestrom Republic entered a bitter state of total war with the Khazard species. Eventually, the Aestrom Republic was destroyed by the Khazards, and they joined the The Aeoneonatrix Empire.


Green face.pngAllies: "We fight together in the name of freedom."

Blue face.pngFriendly: "These are always welcome at our planets."

Yellow face.pngNeutral: "Hello. Feel free to say what you want."

  • Khilai Empire - "They side with the Dominatus, but that's because they value their allies."

Orange face.pngUnfriendly: "Erm...Hi?"

Red face.pngEnemies: "Bigfatstupitaliensayswhat?"