"Are you here for the orbs? Leave. You have no idea who you are dealing with..."

The Aerzan are an ascended species that forever guard the orbs of four destructive energies- Syxran, Saelignum, Garatram, and Hyaesinthos. They keep each of these essences, which are kept orbs of energy, in a different planet-fortress. They have committed their lives and the lives of their descendants to shelter the orbs and would gladly give their lives to stop anyone from gaining the orbs. A mortal wielder of an orb is very powerful, as he can use the very heart of an element's power.


A Young SpeciesEdit

The Aerzan evolved on a world similar to the tropical portions of Earth, with light blue seas and lush, green land. The name of this world has been lost in time. The Aerzan advanced through stages of bacteria, fish, and mammals like many species, though they evolved much quicker. After a few thousand years on land, they organized into empires and nations. Unlike most species, war was second to the beauty of their world. They were fascinated with nature and most of their art was based around it. They had paintings of the oceans, poems about fire, music about lightning, and so on. This influenced them forever, and led to the biggest decisions of their entire species.

Classic AgeEdit

After about 200 hundred years in these technologically unadvanced empires, they developed technology such as machine guns, automobiles, telephones, and other scientific knowledge. However, even with these advances, nature still fascinated them.

Space AgeEdit

Soon they entered space, the endless cosmos. Science flourished during this period. While in space, the Aerzan met other ancient species, with energies and other powers. For hours, scientists studied these energies and had an idea- what if they could make energies that gave them the power to control the elements that their ancestors had held so dear? No one knows how, but the scientists were able to create energies that gave the users the ability to use fire, water, lightning, and land in impossible ways, possibly through Elemental energy. They could burn inflammable materials to ashes, they could destroy continents with a zap of lightning. But soon, the scientists realized that they could not let these powers escape the grasp of their species. The scientists found a way to draw from the energies and create a physical source. These sources took the form of orbs.

Guardian AgeEdit

Knowing that they could never let the elemental orbs fall into the hands of power-hungry species, the entire species dedicated themselves and their descendants as guardians of the elemental orbs. In order to fulfill their pact, they used the energies to ascend. They built four fortresses, each in hidden locations in their galaxy. Each of those strongholds held an orb, and a certain division of Aerzan guarded the fortresses.

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The result of a fleet trying to gain the Fire Orb.

For millenia upon millenia, the Aerzan guarded their orbs, and decided to create a species that might help them with their job when they had evolved. The Aerzan created cells of life and decided to send them to a planet in the same galaxy as the Fire Fortress.

However, unknown to the other Aerzan, the leader of the Fire Fortress infused the cells with a minuscule portion of the Fire orb. The leader, known as Aelopix, then sent the species down to their planet as he was told. The species, known as the Sylits, were experimented on by the Aerzan. The Aerzan came down and interacted with the species once it had evolved. The Aerzan told them that if they concentrated on their innermost self, they could use the fire that was embedded into them.

Soon, the Sylits worshiped the Aerzan as gods. They believed that there was a god of divine fire, and gods of water, land, wind, lightning, thunder, and even a god of the void. The Aerzan noted the behavior and were very pleased of what the Sylits thought of them. The Aerzan pledged to revisit the Sylits throughout their duration as a species.

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