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Physical Summary[]

Insectoids with fur covering their bodies. The fur can come in many different varieties, brown being the most common. A different color of stripes will adorn the Aephois that is a different color in relation to the color of the fur. The Aephois boast muscular arms and hands adept at tearing. They have eyes that are very focused and can see at quite a distance.

Usually they see their prey before the prey sees them. Two antennae lie atop the Aephois's head, where information concerning smells, a lot of touch, and hearing is gathered in the antennae and transmitted to the brain.

The legs of the Aephois are weaker than the muscles of the Aephois arm. Though the Aephois foot is ideal for running, the Aephois rely on ambush and high-speed sprints to catch their prey.

General Species Characteristics[]

Aephois are generally cunning and moderate in nature. Determination is a main factor in the Aephois's drive, and as such, extreme rage is possible. For the most part, they take pity in lesser species, unless that species threatens them in any way.

Cellular History[]

Like all organisms on Euria-6, and most planets, life on Euria-6 started with cellular organisms. The Aephois are believed to be descended from ancient cells. The Aephois cellular organisms, for the most part, used only speed and a strong jaw to catch its prey. This speed was essentialy when evading other predators.

One notable exception to this is a cellular organism believed to be linked to the Aephois cells. It was slower than the others, but carried electrical defense mechanisms to shock attacking cells. It was much more defensive than previous generations. It is thought, through extensive research, that this cell was almost eradicated before it evolved into something new.

Aquatic History[]

As an aquatic creature, the Aephois were predatoral fish, relying on burst speed and surprise to catch unsuspecting prey. The Aephois fish were successful creatures of its day, but they were slow to adapt to change, so when Euria-6 began changing in climate when an asteroid hit it off its ancient orbit, the Aephois fish became lower on the food-chain. Eventually, an amphibian evolved that could survive on land for two hour periods, before going back into the waters to catch small fish near the coast.

The Ycresher was the first organism in the Aephois evolutionary line to live completely on the land.

Creature History[]

In the early evolutions of the Aephois, they were weak predators that mainly scavenged or surprised dumb and slow-witted creatures. The Aephois evolutionary line was almost destroyed when a now extinct line of predators became very successful, and brough the dumb herbivores to extinction, forcing the survivors to become faster and smarter individuals. Eventually, the future Aephois could only survive off scavenging this bigger predator's food.

Eventually, these future Aephois evolved into insectoids very similar to the true Aephois today. These new creatures were faster, smarter, deadlier and could see from farther away. These Aephois-like creatures managed to reastablish themselves as successful hunters. They could now take down prey without always using the element of surprise. These creatures were fast and had excellent vision.

A new and improved version of these creatures evolved, very similar to modern Aephois, and it managed to dig a grave for the previously dominate carnivore species, sending them into extinction.

Eventually the modern Aephois evolved, becoming one of the top predators on Euria-6. The Aephois were populated all across Euria-6. No other species was this successful.

Tribal History[]



The Aephois are considered a galactic power. They did not reach their place in the galaxy without work. The Aephois follow an altered version of the Stones of Force as Knights.

Brain Activity: 5 [Average]

Muscular Power: 6 [Average]

Emotional Range: 3 [Poor]

Generally, Aephois will have others come up with the new technology. The Aephois's minds are not particularly adept at understanding and comprehending most situations. The Aephois are powerfully built, and are excellent at stealth and surprise tactics against their enemies on the ground. In space battles the Aephois use their 'Star Deployers' which pack powerful energy systems, and sufficient weaponry.

The Aephois are followers of justice, however their feelings toward other beings is poor, and most species are not trusted or cared for at all. The Aephois try to keep justice at a certain level, to avoid corruption by too much justice. Unfortunately, their are still a massive amount of Aephois that are accused of taking justice to extremes.

Pre Space History[]

The Aephois nations across the globe kept a relatively good relationship with each other until one nation decided to spring their beliefs on all of planet Euria-6. This nation was a democracy that thought they were the one true good in the universe, then lead by perhaps the most righteous Aephois to have ever existed. In only one hundred years, This Aephois (who's name is lost to history) and his allies managed to takeover the rest of the nations on Euria-6, reastablishing each one as a democracy.

The hero then passed away shortly after unification. A new leader came forward, Vaouzis, that saw the issues of overpopulation and Euria-6's rapidly depleting planet and rushed the Aephois into developing a program to get them into space. Within two decades, the Aephois finally were able to get an interstellar spaceship up and running.


The Aephois are lead by a powerful leader elected through a democracy. In cities, each city has its own elected leader. In turn, each planet has a leader as well. Sometimes, in barely colonized planets, the leader of the city is the leader of the planet. The plantery leaders will meet with each other and the leader of the empire as a whole each year on Euria-6 to discuss foreign affairs, as well as internal affairs.

Most of the time, the only discussion is about foreign affairs such as: War, Alliances, Trade, and New Empires.

Internal affairs usually deal with rare uprising, the Aephois economy, and the status of planets.

Galactic History[]

Shortly after bringing the Aephois to space, Vaouzis died off supposedly through natural causes, though it is claimed that assassins exterminated him by a small population of Aephois that supported the nations of the past. (More later)


Their eyes and antennae are based off of Luminar's Aeraphi creature.

The Aephois are at war with The Grox.

They have strong ties to shamanistic and scientific empires, even though they are knights. They despise warriors.