The Aeoneonatrix are a sentient species native to the Milky Way galaxy. They are notable for being the founding race of The Aeoneonatrix Empire.


The Aeoneonatrix were raised to sapience by an entity called “the Cleanser.”



The Aeoneonatrix are herbivores, but still have a diverse diet within those bounds. They are known to eat a large variety of leaves, grass, fruit, vegetables, and nuts. These nuts are the main source of protein in the Aeoneonatrix diet. Though they often do cook their food, they have remarkably low standards of preparation for their food. They have been known to eat grass right off of the ground, and leaves right off of trees without doing anything to wash or prepare them.

Many of the fruits on their planet exist and thrive in fresh water. Such fruits constitute a large portion of their diet, which is why their hands are webbed. Their ancestors had to dive to retrieve this important food source.


Aeoneonatrix do not have as much upper body strength as many other species. They often have more trouble lifting objects which would be difficult but manageable for other species. This is made up for, however, by their extreme speed. The average Aeoneonatrix can maintain speeds in excess of twenty-five miles per hour for about an hour and can maintain speeds in excess of thirty for short sprints. With training or enhancements, some Aeoneonatrix can exceed forty miles per hour and maintain that speed for several minutes. Mentally, the Aeoneonatrix are average. Their intelligence is neither unusually high nor unusually low.

Aeoneonatrix have some essence abilities, and indeed are somewhat above average on that front. They are by no means natural masters of essence, but have an unusual if not unheard of talent for the use of elemental energy. This seems to extend only into the positive elements, however. They are rather stunted in regards to their use of negative aspects of elemental energy. As a result, though users of dark elemental energy are usually stronger in combat, this would not be true of two Aeoneonatrix. All things being equal, an Aeoneonatrix using positive elemental energy would beat one who was using negative elemental energy.

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