This is a list of the Aaillikan vocalabury, broken into a small but necessary dictionary. This language is natively spoken by the Aemonkians.

Most of the Aaillikan's infinitives ends with -a, -ca or -ia.

Infinitive Definition
ci to do
hijaka to have
jika to make
coica to eat
rika to drink
awijca to awake
nitjia to sleep
tinjiata to transform
vinata to become
yka to die
niyka to commit suicide
nijata to give birth
jata to born

The Aaillikan vocabulary also loans words, but they are all species' names as of now.


Infinitive Definition

Species not meet by AemonkiansEdit

This is a section of words being reserved to be meet anytime in the future.

Infinitive Definition
Kjiasch Kicath
Raa'ear Rovegar
Draakonjis Draconis
Roodiantia Fordanta
Spji'ker Spinker
Draakogjious Dracogonarious
Vonjio Bonio
Tunidjale Tundrakle
Lornio Loron
Lii'erius Libertus
Zaa'ne Zazane
Radejion Radeon
Aa'scharon Artharon

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