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The Aemonkians are a space-faring bipedal race originating from Aailli in Umbra Segmentum, Andromeda Galaxy. They are notable for having an advanced body structure and being the host of their own faction, Naakjian Confederation.

They are good sprinters and thinkers when it comes to complex maths and strategies in the battlefield, their history has been a full roller-coaster with dead-heats and backstabs. But the output became a stalemate for both the sides that warred.



After several thousand years, the smart species of Aemonkians which under a long time lived in sparse packs, began socializing with packs more and more. And then they finally made up small communities of cooperating members. Thanks to the socialism, the Aemonkians began developing languages, but one being the Aaillikan. Prior to the languages' creation, ideas and inventions became a hot topic among the tribes' members. Thus putting Aemonkians to a new time of technology. Tribes began developing different types of political handlebars and ideologues out from the members' minds. But due to massive conflicts between the ideologues and the tribes not being united at this time, wars were considered as a tradition in this time.


After a long time of tribalism, wars, blood-sheds, adaptions of different technologies and alliances that ended with backstabs. The Aemonkians began realizing that war wasn't a real solution to wipe out each other. Arguments and union led to a new time. The most enlightening time known to the present Aemonkians. Tribes, languages, cultures, ideologues and inventions to new and bigger ones, better considered by many. Cities began growing up at various places where the tribes were. Cities began uniting to new empires so called nations. But this didn't happen to everyone, a wast number of tribes killed and captured other tribes, which made up to war-waging nations. Some shared their ideologues, inventions and etc., until to a point when they decided to unite. Nations met each other and began sharing their ideas, topics and exchanged food, inventions - and flying grenades.

After a long time of several deals, trade routes, peace-treaties and wars. Several nations declared alliances, war-mongers decided to unite and take over the field for their own. An alliance which sowed about cleansing the evil - the war-mongers - from the existence. The result was obvious, world-wide war.


After a long time of dead heats, stalemates and backstabs. In the no-man's-land and fallout-riddled planet of Aailli. The citizens got enough of the wars and stalemates. Demanding the alliances to make peace and unite, the alliances said yes to peace, unite - no. The Aaillian World War turned into a Cold War. Keeping alliances at a tense relation, disliking each other. But eventually debates about the space and the Aemonkian's future as an interstellar empire, and even the vision of an inter-galactic empire ruled the Aemonkians themselves, became more frequent and the vision became as the Aemonkian's new goal. The two cold-warring sides were no longer an alliance but two ideologies, the civil union of the Aaillian residents agreed a treatment where they would explore and research themselves to powerful enough to become an inter-galactic empire. A space-program eventually pushed the Aemonkian's Empire to their homeworld's two moons. However the space needed to be explored before they could push their small empire further. And this was the point the Aemonkian's became as a space-faring race. At this point the two conflicting ideologies finally merged together and created a new ideology, which is unique to the Aemonkians.

For more recent history go and see the Naakjian Confederation's history.



Aemonkians are a carbon-based lifeform. Their genetics code are made up by complex compounds of total 40 chromosome-pairs made up with strings of DNA that can be several meters long if drawn out as a thread. Every pairs of chromosomes are aligned to each their own jobs and body parts. But most of them are aligned to the creature's blood system which one of the most complex parts known to Aemonkian's body structure. Very little is known about the Aemonkian's natural evolution, due to their war-waging history and their homeworld's extremely competitive fauna.

The average Aemonkian can be about 3.9 meters long, the tallest to account is 4.1 meters tall, while the shortest is about 3.7 meters tall. Their lifespan compared to other species are moderately long. As accounted to live up 450 (Earth) years normally. Their maturity starts at the age of 20 and is fully developed at the age of 45, the body is fully developed at the age of 55. Their body consists of 5 limbs (2 arms, 2 legs and 1 tail), 1 head and torso. The body is mostly covered in leather-like skin and scales similar to a exo-skeleton. The exoskeleton is in fact more fragile than their main skeleton and is often covered by skin which is thinner than the leather-like skin. The skin is somewhat thinner than the exoskeleton plus it's covering skin total. The the dermis layer is triple as thick and is more elastic. Mostly likely due to their hunting habits and their homeworld's extremely competitive fauna. The skin comes in dark-grey color with cyan hue, which can be easily seen at their fur and the ears' rims. The reason why the skin is dark is almost hard to be explained, but it's possible because the Aemonkians were also night-active.

Aemonkian without armor and modifications.


Their heads are shaped in a way which makes it look similar to a raptor's head but the neurocranium, the cage for the brain itself, is bigger compared to reptilian and mammalian aliens. Revealing that they are very intelligent. The skull itself have wide eye sockets on each of the side, giving space for the eye compounds. The skull itself misses features which would give them an olfactory sense. At the back of the skull, there's 3 gaps ending with a hole on each side of the head where the ears are, the gaps doesn't face backwards as the ears do, they face more to the side. The mouth consists of two jaws, one being the skull itself, and two mandibles on the sides of the mouth. Making it easier to grab and kill it's prey, cutting up the meat and food. Also to crack hard shells and squish juice-rich fruits with the help of the mandibles to hold the food in place. The teeth grows in rows same as compared to Earth's sharks, the teeth fall off by one and one when they are worn out. The teeth are described as razor-sharp and is shaped in a way that the teeth can both cut and crush fruits and meat effectively. The teeth counts up to 42 on each jaw at adult age. 4 sharper but yet shorter in length grow from inside of each of the mandibles. The jaws doesn't go in a straight stream when the mouth is closed, the lower jaw subsides and the upper jaw raises in the middle to the rear teeth. As the free space left by the jaws is to be occupied by the mandibles.


This species is missing a sense of smelling, replaced by an excellent and sensitive hearing. Which consists of 3 pairs of ears which can be twisted to almost any direction, but normally pointing backwards. The ears are not only for hearing, it's also for sensing any temperature regulation. Also for showing emotions because most of the face is in general covered with hard exo-skeleton plating. Since the olfactory sense in other alien species and humans, is also widely used for sensing tastes in food, the Aemonkians' tongues are covered in many different tasting buds. However, most of the buds are for sensing if the food is edible or is too poisonous, the Aemonkians can't enjoy the food's tastes. The 2 sets of eye compounds reveals that the Aemonkians lived with an extreme caution to their surroundings, also fitted for chasing their preys in their era as a creature. The eyes offer a much wider field of vision and better vision sharpness compared to other species. Being a night-active creature, they can see in dark but yet somewhat worse than Earth's tigers.


The arms ends with 4-digit hands, 3 normal fingers and 1 thumb which is bigger when compared to different species' thumbs in scale. The thumb is bigger as mentioned before, but it ends with a sharp claw. Either it could been used to climb trees, cliff and over obstacles, or better grip at the ground. Catching their preys and cutting up them. All the digits are coated in exo-skeleton, but as their digits also have bones inside, the exo-coating is for better protection of the hands. The palm and the back of the hand themselves are not covered in exo-coating, but the skin is harder, but still elastic around the digits' coating.

The legs consists of 2 knees and 3 bone sections and 1 foot each. The muscles are far more elastic and does have high stamina, allowing the Aemonkians to run at neck-breaking speeds without getting tired quickly. Also strong enough to change the velocity fast. The 2-kneed legs grants the ability to leap long distances, jump high and gives a good suppression. Thanks to the muscles working almost like springs in that way. The Aemonkians normally walk with the legs slightly full-extended. The feet has 4 digits coated in exo-skeleton, 3 are frontal the 4th is a thumb facing backwards from the heel, similar to a falcons foot. With these feet, the Aemonkians can easily climb on trees, branches and etc. Grabbing the ground and their preys effectively.


The Aemonkians have 2 lungs, those have a high capacity of air. They have 2 hearts that together produce a high flow and pressure of blood. One of the two hearts pumps the blood deficient on air in the veins, directing them from the body to the lungs to exchange the air, and then back into the body through the second heart. With those lungs and hearts together, they allow long-distance sprinting without getting exhausted by low air uptake and low blood flow.

The Aemonkians lived in their big homeplanet, Aailli, conflicted by various species of predators and herbivorous creatures. The edible flora wasn't available all the time for the Aemonkians due to the high amount of herbivorous species, which meat was an alternative. Targeting any prey they could come by with. Aemonkians themselves were smart hunters and their body were flexible and fast enough to catch up any creature. Their role as carnivores predators didn't fill up due to their ingestion system were complex enough that food took time to be fully ingested by the body, and the rest were also treated in a way which caused a transformation to energy and complex oxides. Their foods' content of energy compounds were high enough that Aemonkians wouldn't require to search for and eat food for several weeks.


As a bi-product of the almost hazardously cold environment of Aailli. Their blood has an extremely low pH-value. Which is an negative value. Many thesis have much tried to prove that anything with an extremely negative pH-value is impossible for life. But it was disproved by the Aemonkian anatomy.

The sole reason behind the highly acidic blood much due that it dramatically lowers the blood's freezing point and makes it harder for diseases and foreign bodies to get a foothold and likely kills them with the unfriendly body environment. In trade-off low immune system and living in 5+ pH-value environments is way too dangerous. Living in one will slowly turn the Aemonkians into crystalline statues, which is an extremely painful death. Depending on the what elements the atmosphere consists of, the statues are also flammable. That deaths of this kind can leave no trace.

Upon contact with the air, the blood violently oxidizes and in some atmospheres catch fire or explode. It can also melt most known metals. To effectively injury or kill an Aemokian, energy- and phase-based weapons and blades are a good choice, since it won't damaged or destroyed by the blood. It can however drain on the energy when struck into their body as the blade constantly reconstructs.



A research has shown that the Aemonkians' brain processes math solutions and calculations 3 times faster than a human brain, the reaction response is twice as fast. They are also able to think through strategies, few at the same time, which makes Aemonkians fast thinkers and always do have least a "Plan B" in their pocket as long they are acknowledged of the scenario. They are incapable to see the scenarios, but they can think of the basics, not the details. The mind can hold up memories almost twice long as a human brain can hold up to, but it mostly depends on how the memory will be classified as. And how the Aemonkians see the memories as.


Aemonkian are willing to work in groups, but their natural habit is go alone. Like as they were in their era as primitive creatures, much time was spent on survival and attention to the surroundings. Until a point we their survival chances would increase when they went together as packs. So eventually leading them as tribal species. And so on. They have been a final topping of all the food cycle in Aailli, making them the most superior creature of their own homeworld. Making them feeling safe, but however, the Aaillian wildlife is extremely hostile and competitive. But yet the Aemonkian know how to avoid them. As present, Aemonkian is an advanced spacefaring race, they know that anyone wouldn't be a much threat, but very cautious about a more dangerous threat that would wipe them out with a little effort. Strict isolation is nothing new.

Much due to their face covered in hard exo-plating and eyes collected in compounds. They can't express their emotions with the face and lack eye ducts. Instead, their ears, mandibles and jaw are used to express emotions. The hard hair-like scales on the neck can be erected to express an angry emotion.

If an Aemonkian would be a someone's guest, they should avoid serving food and/or drink to them without asking first. Since Aemonkian doesn't require food or water at long time. Little knowledge would set a mishap on a relation. But that issue can be solved by simply start knowing each other. Since Aemonkians love answering questions, but not questions asking for the same thing again, so repeated questions too. They will also quest their speaking partner with the same subject questioned. If the question cannot be answered, the Aemonkian will acknowledge the reason if explained in a serious manner.



A typical Aemonkian city, it's the racial capitol of Aemonkians, Vejlla in this picture. Located in Aailli

The Aemonkian culture can be called as "Aaillian Culture". A culture that has no items or theory that resembles as worshiping of any form of mythology or religion. However, idolism of an important person is common. This idolism is to learn the Aemonkian kind from their great individuals, mostly facts about how they did and why. And then facts and full name about said person. Individuals that have made a giant failure, won't get their personal facts in the spotlight of attention, their actions do. As people respect each other and treat everyone as equal, even giant mistakes to the kind.

Aaillian Culture have no involvement in food as the Aemonkians doesn't require food at long spans and their inability to enjoy the food's tastes. Much due to their lack of smelling sense and taste buds.

Aemonkians living within this culture enjoy any form of arts of war. Mostly spears and rifles. Which makes Aemonkians excellent knights and warriors with spears and firearms, probably one of the most feared spearmen known to other else. There's hobbies that has spears and firearms involved and being the major piece. Handcrafted spears and a small range of firearms, mostly pistols, come in a fine quality and has collection value depending on the rarity and efforts put into the hobby work. Those crafts can be also used as a symbol of which family, planet and sector they come from. Even the military and authority has spears in the service in a form as retractable staffs with a long blades which remarks their service and standing. The law allows residents to carry pistols and spears in the public, as long they are dismantled and disarmed from causing injury.

Hobbies are not only limited to spears and firearms. There is a wide range of hobbies which ranges from botany to making movies and etc. With botany, technology and tailoring of clothes and armor being more distinctive than else after the culture's own hobby.

The Aemonkian society has adopted tattoos and body painting from the era of tribalism, not limited to arms, torso and face. The painting is often applied on the exoskeleton and plating because it takes longer time for the painting to be absorbed by the skin. Painting often show their career, their position in authorial departments, clan and/or family. It also symbolizes one's homeworld.


They live under a government so called Naakjian Confederation, the confederation's government which tops the political chain is the Council. Every cities, planets, star systems and sectors have their governments, in an ascending order of position. Which means, the council is the top, then comes the sector, then the systems and so on. Their capital city Vejlla is the political center of their confederation and the Council.


Major Characters[]

Those are characters that makes many appearances, not necessary as in person.

Ejiik Riikisan is a councillor at the head government of Naakjian Confederation. He's in charge for the foreign affairs and relationships, mostly answering questions, handling situations and representing the council's official messages. He was first seen when speaking out an extremely strict foreign policy to the public.

Minor Characters[]

Those are characters that only made one or small appearance(s) such as in stories and the discussion board. Individuals that did only get mentioned go in the list of Mentioned Individuals.


For relationships related to their empire, see Naakjian Confederation


Nickname Created by: Mostly used by:
Aemonkian Original Everyone
Naakji, Naakjians, Naakji guys Unknown Everyone
Monkeys Unknown Unknown

Quotes from other species[]

Feel free to add your own quote - and insults. <3

They would be an interesting culture to study from an anthropological standpoint. I wonder what their art is like.

- Prince Gora

Quiet, reserved, alien, they very different to our outgoing and loud nature but I'm sure we'll get along.

- Marton Gracuscae

I find that the Aemonkians are a fascinating species unlike any other that I have encountered. I trust that we will work well together in the Mou'Cyran Accords

- Apollo


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