The better meets my eyes and I acknowledge it, but it is the arduous path which will make me empowered.

— Aegin Proverb

The Aegin (Callidus baatar) are an adaptable species, originating from the planet Kretes, located in the Boran system. Most Aegin philosophy is that of a Zealot in nature. Their closest genetic relative is the Kevantar (Kevantarus maximus), a species which itself originated from the planet Kalowna.

Overview and evolution[]


Evolution of the Aegin species can be traced back to when it was a single-celled organism. Studies show that they were, at first, herbivorous in diet. The cell had a single eye and several appendages which aided in its speed and movement capabilities. Following the course of several billions of years, it would make its way to the top of the food chain.

Towards the end of cellular life, the Aegin became sentient. Shortly follow this, they developed legs and joined several creatures on the land. Their diet became omnivorous after the development of a mouth with capabilities of both a jaw and a filter mouth. This trait would broaden their food palette and further aid in their flexibility and adaptability as a creature.

After several years of development, the Aegin would evolve and develop better eyesight, overall bone structure, a more advanced jaw, and arms. Taking advantage of their amphibious nature, the Aegin would find food from seaweed and fish in addition to fruit and flesh. Over time, the Aegin would become an adaptable species in nature. They would often find themselves at extremes, either befriending a species or extincting them.