early history in tribal stage the adril was able to easly dominate all over tribes threw useg of the throwing speer and the alcong(a tipe of bow with two strings) the ability to kill the enemy before it got close allowed them to destroy all aposing races rather qickly and gave them time to build a civilisaton.

The civalisaton stage of the adril was a long and bloody one but when finaly it seemed that they could finaly negotiate the avolies virus struck destroying almost all civilicaton and seting the race back by hundreds of years and had it not been for the sientest Ingulo Sen the adrill would most likely have had died out. Ingulo discovered the cure to the avolies viruce and within a decade it was wiped from the planet. Unfortunetly it whas another 200 years before the adril finaly created peace and developed the first warp drive.

the purger war The adril made contackt with the purgers within 7 years of the first test of the warp drive and were in full out war with them inside the year. The alied systems discovered the adril fighting a loosing battle and oferd them a place in the alience the adril agread and were able to fight of the purgers ever since then the Adril have been with the alliance and finaly when the purgers fell they joind the allied worlds.

Biology the adril are 5-7 feat tall and are one of the fastest races in the galaxy. Huminoud in appearance the adrill have feavers for hair it is fout to be left over frome creater stage. The adrils bones are hollow making them much lighter but awlsow makes them easer to break but the adrills bones will put themselves back together in 24 hours at most unfortenetly this dous not count for organs or ligements. The adril male is fast and brave the adril females are slightly more compashenet than the male they can awlsow run slightly faster even though the males are stronger.the adril males can run at speeds of 47 miles per hour and can lift up to 200 pounds the adril femail canrun at speeds of 50 miles per hour and lift up to 150 pounds keep in mind these are the top speeds and weghts most adril can not do this. yet almost all adrill can run at least 20 miles an hour.


Much of the technology used by the adril are created by the other races in the alience but the adril have invented several tipes of weapons and shealding such as the ploton pistle/rifle awlsow the adril created the first endrall shealding

entertainment For entertainment the adril play qadren a tipe of card game and will go to arena to watch a variety of sports from racing to battles using guns witch shoot freez beems to disable there aponents in mock battles.


We trust them with are lives:

Other members of the alience, The galactic trade foundation, Ferbis, and trichy

We will keep are gun loded when incounterd:

The united, The izar, The sherent, The independants, and The fence

We shall never stop fighting until one of us are destroyed:

The void, The pledged, The purgers (already destroyed), and The cradle grox empire

planet: thadell

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