The Adelphi, also known as the Second Tribe are a race of Capricyránae native to Quadrant 82. Though they now reside almost exclusively within the nearby Cyrannus Galaxy. They once controlled a large, peaceful but secretive empire in an unknown region of the Quadrant known as the Federal Republic of Adelphi, but they migrated to Cyrannus when the Confederacy of Allied Systems invaded. In response to this, they joined the United Republic of Cyrannus, though many joined the Confederacy that forced them from their homes in the first place.

Nevertheless, they grew a great friendship with the D'annaoí, which helped them weather the storm of the Great Cyrannus War. Currently, the monotheistic Adelphi are members of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, though many are still members in the various other Cyrannian factions.


Early History Edit

Meeting Ramcard.

The Venture comes into contact with the USS Dallas

During the final stages of the Intergalactic War, Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas was patrolling the outer rim of Quadrant 82, in order to patrol for the Imperials and the Cognatus, he was feeling rather bored, but his day would eventually get a lot more exciting.

All of a sudden, a massive strange looking ship jumped into the location of the USS Dallas, Ramcard did not know what empire this ship was from as it was definitely not a known enemy ship. The two warships very nearly collided, but they lived to open communication with the other. Ramcard was shocked when he saw that the figure he was speaking too, very closely resembled a Capricyránae!

The figure identified himself as Captain Coura of the Federal Republic of Adelphi, and claimed to come in peace, Ramcard was cautious but eventually agreed to escort the Venture to the Rambo Capital, where both President Apollo, Empress Ramashe and the members of the Cyrandia Senate awaited an explanation. Coura was even more surprised at seeing Apollo and the Capricyránae, whom she likened to the ancient stories of the Libertus, the race similar to the Adelphi. After realizing that the Capricyránae and the Libertus were one and the same, he contacted his homeworld so that the leaders could meet.

Meeting on the Rambo Capital

President Apollo, Empress Ramashe, Captain Ramcard and Captain Coura conversing on the Rambo Capital.

The meeting between the leaders of the FRA, URC and Rambo Nation forged a great alliance that day, because the FRA is a native of Quadrant 82, it even became a member of the Cyrandia Alliance, it was a bright day in a darkening war.

Great MigrationEdit

The Adelphi, were introduced to a dark universe, and yet they started to meet new allies, across the universe. Their membership in the Cyrandia Alliance proved to be very successful to the Adelphi, and many of the citizens are now super rich! Some even wish to join the expanding URC. As the URC continued to grow after the Intergalactic War, many new empires began to come into contact with the Republic, including the diplomatic peoples of the Osteolan Kingdom, Capricyránae like the Libertus. The Osteola, the Libertus and the Adelphi had a meeting of the Capricyránae, the Osteola were pleased to meet such friendly and diplomatic relatives, however the relationship of this relation is yet to be revealed. The meeting took place on the URC temporary Capital, Corulus.

In the weeks following the meeting, the Parliament decided to join the Seven Starr Alliance, and thus in tern hopes to meet more empires. The Adelphis era of peace however, had ended. The Confederacy of Allied Systems invaded Adelphi held worlds and blockaded them. The Adelphi fleet was in ruins and the desperate citizens turned to the URC for aid.

The aid went answered and the Adelphi became a new member in the URC. However, in order to do this, the Adelphi migrated from Quadrant 82 to Cyrannus. Lonely and despaired, they found friendship in the other races of the URC/

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

In the aftermath of the Adelphi’s migration from Quadrant 82 at the end of the short but devastating Adelphi War, the Adelphi migrated with the help of the URC to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Behind the Empire's Back

Cassynder meets with Mandator Mich'Lea.

Alone and unsure what to do, the Adelphi found great friendship with the D'annaoí, an aquatic race with routes in the Mortiol Cluster, where they are related, but in no way friends to the Mortalitas. Over time, the two species grew closer and closer and eventually founded their own nation within the URC, the Delfoí Republic, with its headquarters on the newly colonized planet Delfoí, a watery world of tropical islands.

However, when the Great Cyrannus War began, Delfoí was attacked by the Confederacy, and the Delfoí Republic was forced to dissolve. Before it could get up and running again however, the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Dark TimesEdit

When the Dark Times began, the Adelphi, for the most part, accepted the new Imperial regime, though as the years went on, many began to grow more and more skeptical of the Empire's motives, pushing them into joining many splinter factions such as the Republic Remnant and the Cyrannian Syndicate. The most notable of these Adelphi is Mandator Mich'Lea, who is currently serving as a Confederate agent within the Imperial government.

Relationships Edit


Green faceOur loyal friends and allies.


Red faceYou will die by our blades!

Quotes Edit

One of the greatest civilizations of recent times, the Adelphi have suffered much, which is completely unfair.

- Apollo

Hmpf, more blueskins. Let them all burn.

- Mar-Júun


Trivia Edit

  • The Adelphi were the second Capricyránae species to be made.

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