The Adelbern[]

The Creed[]

  1. Worship thyne ancestors, for without those before thee, we would not have thee,
  2. Worship thy family, for they stand behind thee,
  3. Worship thyne fellows, for they hold thee up,
  4. Worship thy next dollar, for without it, poverty will strike thee.

A Short History[]

Quite a young race, far younger than even most uplifted races, the Adelbern were favoured by the once great Inoran Empire, who, using not only interstellar, but intergalactic drives, had conquered many systems across many galaxies. A powerful race indeed, they also had many friends, and many foes, but none so powerful as the Grox. Despite their advanced technology, the Inoran race was oddly susceptible to Grox technology, and found themselves at a loss for ability to fight off the machinations. The Grox, however, found them the perfect race to add to their own kind, turning many an imprisoned Inoran into twisted beings reminiscent of neither Grox nor Inoran. The few surviving Inoran in the galaxy live amongst the Adelbern, cut off from the universal empire without their technology.

Since the Enslavement, Adelbern scientists have experimented on many an altered Inoran, not yet quite knowing how to 'cure' the Grox alterations, but getting closer and closer all the time. For the kindness they were showed when they were but a humble race of animals, the Adelbern are determined to save the reptillian race, and see that, whether the Grox are destroyed or not, their allies are returned home.

Religious Views[]

The Adelbern do not believe in any omnipotent beings, and as such, have had conflicts with many races who are quite faithful in whatever beings they believe in, instead, the Adelbern worship what they call 'The Ancients', their ancestors, those who passed before them. The Adelbern do not require much stimulation, and are as such content to, when not chasing the next deal or at war, sit in large halls dedicated to worshipping their ancestors, where one can worship the ancients, spend time creating gifts for offerings, and even an undercroft to visit their ancestors.