The Adaptable was Created by Atley9999. When found Creature Stage it is most likely a Rouge or a 'Last Nest' Creature, In Tribal stage it is rare and in Space it inhabits T1 Moons for some odd reason.

Description Edit

The Adaptable is a Medium-Large Creature that has Two legs on its body in Mammal Position, and it has two of arms, On top of it arms rest Level Four Spit 'Shoulder Pads' , it has Level Four Strike on its tail and has Level Three Wings on its back. They have an Omnivorous mouth with two ears and eyes is and has Level Four Horns on its head. The baby version of the Adaptable is easy to Recognise because the Head of the baby Adaptable is Very Huge enough to hide half their bodies! The rogue Adaptable is Common but if you search the whole continent you might find a nest of them AND a rouge Adaptable.

Strategic Skills Edit

The Adaptable is equal with nearly every ability being level four, which allows it to impress and kill creatures very easily. Due to the Strategic skills set for the Adaptable it is strongly recommended that you ally with it to use it for social and evil means rather than just killing it.

Trivia Edit

  • Atley9999 Made this while it was Raining.
  • In the fiction universe (Coming Soon) Adaptables are Natural Correctors, they do it from birth! From babies not sharing their Bottles to whether or not Spice should be Equal to all the Colonies.
  • They have made their own clone (as did every Other creature on the planet) called the Adapdabites.

Gallery Edit

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