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Aborins have a lot of colors that they range from. They're generally shades of red, blue, orange, or purple, or mixes of several. They're feathered creatures, but underneath they have a thick skin that allows them to sustain some attacks. Their legs are poised exactly as that of a normal bird. Their feet are asymmetrical; one is the "Dirtdigger," one is "The Froggening." They allow Aborins to have extreme speed and jumping ability. Combined with their large, feathered wings which branch from their shoulders, they're able to move incredibly fast in the air and on land. They also have a knack for swimming, but due to the asymmetry they had to develop a different way to do so. They have a medium-sized tail that allows for good balance in almost any situation. They also have arms and sharp, lethal claws. Aborins have extremely sharp antlers and a spiked spit barb underneath that allow for some lethality in a fight. Their tail also has some fin-like objects, a barb, and spikes that allow for another weapon. They have quick reflexes and built in evolutionary features that give them huge advantages in a fight. Paired with their high intelligence, their built-in weapons, quick reflexes, insane speed and agility, flight, they're a powerful opponent.

Aborins wear modest clothing, but it depends on their social status in their colony. Almost no Aborin is homeless, as their economy and goverment is so strong. In the colonies not making any money, however, on non-terraformed planets, there is higher poverty and disease rates, as they can't afford healthcare and good clothing. But almost no Aborin goes without some dress. They change depending on the event that's happening currently. Females generally have some sort of a dress and some moderate jewelery, and males have suits and medallions. Most Aborins wear pointed hats as a cultural way to show their importance in the galaxy.

Aborins have blue stalk eyes, huge feathered wings, a small, tailed body, bird-like features, spikes, antlers, and claws, and vary in color. Their strength, speed, immune systems and physical appearance vary based off of genetics, environmental exposures, childhood, etc. Female aborins are generally cooler colors such as bright blue, dark blue, royal blue, violet, magenta, red violet, purples, or mixtures of those. Males generally have dark red, blood red, maroon, bright orange, dark orange, or dark gold feathers. Most aborins have flecks of pink, gold, or dark blue in their feathers. But this is not always the case; as there are some females who are red colored, and there are some males who are blue colored, etc. However, this is a rare occurance.

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