Basic Facts about Abomini[]

While they claim the name Abominus, the Abomini are simply the most profilic members of the genus. However a rising number of scientists wish to call it a family in it's own right due to the sheer amount of Abomini species and seperate them into the Genuses Abominidae and Abominidae Leviathus. Unlike the grox, who are merely mean. The Abomini are evil incarnate. They hate everything.

General Shape[]

They possess two rather weak wings that are ridiculously small for their body but allow them the gift of flight any way. They also have two legs both ending in flea like feet, which let them make very small hops. They have Four arms, one pair ending in seemingly formidable but never the less relatively harmless pincers. The other pair ending in webbed hands which conflicts with their overall insectoid shape. They have an impressive array of multiple poison shooters. But some other species have a much more powerful set of wings, jaws, and overall have better body parts. The Necroabominus for example has the best amphibian hands available, dexterrous hands, the spurprise, fleuribine, porcupain, Elkegent, Scarmaker, and more insectoid legs than the typical abominus.

The Senses[]

Their six compound eyes give them incredible visual capabilities, especially in the fields of depth perception, which is so keen that they can easily estimate the size of an object to the nearest centimeter from a hectometer away and can see very easily in low light condition to an even greater extent than owls, they can spot a rabbit from atop a mountain, and can see in total darkness out to a kilometer, but in this state they cannot see color as that needs some light to be perceived. They can see into any part of the electromagnetic spectrum at once.

Their Antennae are also very sensitive and can feel such minute details as the indentations from erased paperwork or the ink on a book, or even the microscopic hairs on the foot of a gecko. Their webbed hands are also very sensitive, but the pincers are virtually dull to tactile senses and wouldn't feel a spear that glanced off them any more than an elephant would notice a pine cone needle brushing against it's skin. They can feel the vibrations in the ground and in the air, giving them the power of tremor sense and a secondary source of blind sight, out to ten kilometers on normal soil.

They have a sense of smell that would put a shark to shame, and can track a Grey Alien who had just taken a very thorough bath, in a city of the same species who had all just taken baths of equal thoroughness, who are all clones of the alien. As such they are valued detectives on the galactic scene.

Their hearing is unbelievable, as they can hear any range of sound they wish, and can hear a watch tick from ten meters away. But they must filter noise or else the sheer amount of sound in the world would drive them mad, so usually they hear about ten times as well as a dolphin. They also have a powerful echolocation and sonar ability, that can is so powerful that it lets them "see" sound.

They can taste minute differences between food, they could taste the difference between the flesh of a cow and his clone, but they usually do this to maintain their overly critical world view.

They have Electroperception out to ten kilometers, and can find the differences between two computers of the same model, made in the same factory, with the same programs, running the same program, with the same amount of maximum battery charge, while both are fully charge, by sensing minute faults in the circuitry, or even tiny differences in the electron's totally random behavior.

Abomini traits[]

While their senses are immensely keen their strength is less impressive, they can lift about 100 times their own weight, and can hold their own in a fight for a while, as they have several cutting weapons and a pretty strong bite, however as fighters they are only average, but are far better than the Grox or Humans. Their armor is impressive but is nowhere near the best.

However they reproduce quickly and lead long lives and forever remain in reproduction age. To further boost their numbers they are hermaphroditic, mature within a month, the eggs are ready to lay within a day, and hatch within a week. They live for about 10,000 years before they fall over and die. And they usually have a couple million children within their lifetimes. This sheer weight of numbers allowed them to dominate their planet and come to dominate the Arm of Cygnus. With the Sporeorks Ruling the Arm of Orion, The Grox Ruling the Core, and the Horrorus ruling the Arm of Sagitarrius, the Galactic Federation, Grand Council, Scientist's alliance and the Dinoaviars are hard pressed to pull a victory.

They are fairly bad tempered and have thus adopted the warrior philosophy but changed to the scientist ways, but as the scientific community found out, this was merely a ploy to get their fearsome super weapon, as while they are highly scientifically minded they believe that science should be put to work to make ever more deadly weapons of war. They are unsatisfied with the planet buster and are researching into an even less sane weapon that can destroy entire solar systems by causing the star of a system to immediately enter it's explosive death.

A few Abomini named Heirophants are immortal and are considered to be living gods.

The Very first Modern Abominus born Was Immortal, and was of the Super Abominus species, this Abominus lead his species to conquer their planet through the ages and has united all the waking races of the Abomini under the Imperium's banner.

Notable events in galactic history[]

Before the multiverse[]

The K'tam and the Abomini were both implanted into all spore universes by a fiend known as The Fallen One, one of the thirteen gods created by the two glorious lords of order and good. Most people only know eleven of them, one for each archetype,but there were two others, Prima, the Leader, and The Fallen One, the mightiest of them and the guardian of Entropy. But two great universe devouring menaces, the fel lords of chaos and evil, corrupted the fallen one to the darkness, and he betrayed his brothers. Eventually steve, prima, spode, and groxantar united and banished he and his armies in a great battle, but as a last resort the fallen one released seeds of the abomini and the k'tam into the infant universes that were being created by the gods. Corrupting them with his taint and even corrupting Groxantar, lord of the grox, as well as deeply troubling Xitantrax, Lord of force, and Spode, lord of faith. But Xauron and the K'tam can communicate with him through a interdimensional fault. And the eleven uncorrupted gods themselves fear for their creations.

200,000,000 years ago[]

They believe that to serve the Imperium of Abomini is the most glorious thing in the omniverse. They and the entire Abomini Genus have become Allies with the Grox, something which shocked the Galactic community as a whole and caused the Galactic government to ban their entire genus from their ranks, as they were doing this the General Secretary of the Galactic Government was reported to have said "This betrayal of Organic Life as we know it is unacceptable! You and your misbegotten Imperium is hereby Banned and is now the enemy of the galaxy as a whole!". However the Abomini races quickly coerced four powerful level five empires to ally with them to add to their fleets.

The Imperium-Federation wars have consumed trillions of lives and has ended at least a hundred planets. The Abomini Emperor Xauron spoke this of their great crusade against the universe "As the Galactic Government as a whole has proven themselves unworthy of keeping order the Imperium has come to replace them and end this silly 'Galactic Code' once and for all! For why should it be a betrayal to ally ourselves with the mightiest species in the Galaxy when this is very obviously a prudent and logical venture!"

The Abomini genus continues to wage war upon the universe as a whole, often sending vast armadas of pirate raiders before them to soften up opposition before them before the Main fleets descend upon their worlds. If they cannot conquer a planet by conventional means they use the Gravitational wave if possible, if even that won't cut it, they simply blast the planet into tiny vaporized pieces.

500,000,000 years ago[]

Their rage and Xenophhobia puts that of any other race to shame. Even the grox and the terranok find them offputting. Even the conflict between the Galactic Federation and the Abomini Imperium Pales in Comparison to the conflict between the Dinoaviar Alliance and the Abomini Imperium. When the Abomini solidified their rule over the arms of cygnus and it's neighbors, the Dinoaviars, a genus of peaceful traders and stockholders, quickly fell under attack, and soon the empires, with over 60 billion systems between them, ruthlessly attacked each other, destroying thousands of planets, and killing several quadrillions of sentients. This war has gone on for over five hundred million years, with the original cause of it being long forgotten.

Present Day.[]

The Abomini rule the Arm of Cygnus, The Star Spawn Ruling the arm of Peresus, the Sporeorks Ruling the Arm of Orion, The Grox Ruling the Core, The Mordeus ruling the arm of Scutum, The Totemus ruling the Arm of Carina, The Tyrannolodon's Ruling the arm of Crux, The Tripedal Dragons ruling the Arm of Norma, The Dracioniosaurus Rexes ruling the Sagitarrius dwarf galaxy, the Horrorus ruling the Arm of Sagittarius, The Nonaclops ruling the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, The Horriblus Tyrannus ruling the Draco, Ursa Major II, and Ursa minor dwarf galaxies, and the Space Pirates ruling the Ursa Major I Dwarf Galaxy. The Galactic Federation, Grand Council, Scientist's alliance, The Shaman Coalition, The Toison Herbivora Country, The Lupermius Supreme Provinces, The Aviraptor Commonwealth, The Trader's Corporations, The Ecologists' Union, The Wanderer Nation, The Knight Kingdoms, The Bard Empire, The Zealot Coalition, The Warrior States, and the Dinoaviar Republic are hard pressed to pull a victory as they have been completely forced out of the galaxy, much of it having to reside in the satellite galaxies of the local supercluster The situation has never before this dire, the entire galaxy is ruled by the Abomini Axis of Power. All five hundred billion stars are theirs, and they have managed to conquer the Andromeda galaxy, The Triangulum galaxy, and several of their satellites. Rougly 1/2 of the super cluster belongs to the Universal Axis of Power, the other half belonging to the United Alliance of Nations. Other nations have sided with the Abomini, powerful nations. And now Xyranzar the Omnipotent Slaughterer of Worlds, the respected military head of the Abomini Leviathus, is stepping up his actions more than ever.

Xauron seeks to use the Necroabomini to his own foul ends, and eventually release the Fallen one himself.


The abomini race and their entire genus was created by the Necroabomini, the Necroabomini were amongst the first species ever to form in the universe, evolving under the very first sun on the very first world. They lived short lives, ever besieged by radiation from the extremely radioactive infant universe to attempt to increase their lifespan they turned to their incredibly advanced scienes and looked to the stars for help, they found another race called the Elder ones who they pleaded to help them as the Elder ones had long lives and had great mental powers, but they were turned down which greatly angered the then Necronabominityr, They fought a losing war against the Elder ones until they then encountered some sort of energy being feeding off their home star, they offered it a metallic shell for it and asked the god like being to help them in their war, finding that Elder Ones tasted better than stars it agreed, and it told the Necroabominityr where to find more of it's kind, and as they rounded up all of their kind they called them K'tam or Space gods in their language.

The K'tam told them to enter shells of their own that resembled the Necroabominityr but with a ever more horrific color. These shells were adorned with machinery, and the deathless army ravaged the universe until roughly 5 billion years ago, they found that there was so little left that their gods would go hungry, and thus they entombed themselves and slept, hopefully forever.

Archealogical findings found that the Founders wiped themselves out when they excavated a Necroabomini tomb planet, and disturbed their rest which resulted in a fleet emerging from the world and the fleet completely wiped out all trace of their race. They found mentions of the K'tam and even worse entities, The Fallen One, the Heralds of the Devourers, and the Devourers themselves.

Their weaponary is the most advanced in the universe, and every philosphy but the grox fears them. Their awakening has aroused the interest of the eleven uncorrupted gods, who will stop this menace at any cost, for it signals the return of the fallen one and the heralds of the Devourers, and in time, the devourers themselves, Unicrom amd Baernolar.