Soothing Song almost halfway through its cooldown

Cooldown is the term given to the amount of time a tool takes, after its use, to recharge and become usable again. In the Creature Stage, all non-social abilities have cooldown timers, with Bite being least, then Spit, Strike, and Charge having the longest cooldowns. In Galactic Adventures, there is also a similar effect with Captain weapons.

In the Stages[]

Cell Stage[]

Ability Cooldown
Call Mate No cooldown

Creature Stage[]

Consequence Abilities[]

Ability Trait Cooldown
Siren Song Herbivore 5 minutes from use
Summon Flock Omnivore 6 minutes from use
Raging Roar Carnivore 4 minutes from use

Utility Abilities[]

Ability Cooldown
Mating Call No cooldown
Jump As soon as the creature lands on solid ground
Sprint 25 seconds after sprint meter depletes or ability manually cancelled
Sneak 25 seconds after detection or ability manually cancelled
Glide 1 second per flap (if airborne)/as soon as the creature jumps again (if landing)

Combat Abilities[]

Ability Cooldown
Bite 1 second from use
Charge 10 seconds (1-level charge) seconds from use

12 seconds (2-level charge) seconds from use

10 seconds (3-level charge) seconds from use

8 seconds (4-level charge) seconds from use

6 seconds (5-level charge) seconds from use

Strike 4 seconds from use
Spit 3 seconds from use

Tribal Stage[]

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Civilization Stage[]

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Space Stage[]

Archetype Abilities[]

Ability Archetype Cooldown
Soothing Song Bard 10 minutes from use
Static Cling Diplomat 20 minutes from use
Safari Vacuum Ecologist 20 minutes from use
Summon Mini-U Knight 2 minutes from use
Gravitation Wave Scientist 20 minutes from use
Return Ticket Shaman 1 minute from use
Cash Infusion Trader 20 minutes from use
Raider Rally Warrior 20 minutes from use
Fanatical Frenzy Zealot 30 minutes from use


Tool Cooldown
All Terrasculpting tools 20 seconds from use
Shield ?? minutes from use
Cloak ?? minutes from use


  • If you do not want to wait until the cooldown ends, simply save the game and play it again. This will "finish"/"reset" the cooldown instantly. This is particularly handy when using consequence abilities as it can completely mitigate their long cooldown timers.
  • In the Creature Stage, the Sprint ability technically has two cooldown timers: the ability itself, and the sprint meter, which do not refill at the same rate. Using Sprint as soon as it recharges due to the sprint meter depleting will result in having only 30-40% of the normal duration.