Conqueror Badge

"You've conquered XX planets."

Awarded for conquering planets across the galaxy. Interestingly, this badge gives similar Tool unlocks to the Colonist Badge. It can be earned by conquering (destroying/capturing all of the planet's cities) Space or Civilization Stage planets. Tribal worlds do not count, as there is no risk when destroying tribes - angered Cities on Civilization Stage planets will fire at the player's spaceship, inflicting rapid and heavy damage. All conquered Space or Civilization Stage planets, from T0 to T3, count towards this badge.

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion Rewards
1 Conquer 2 Planets 2 Mini Auto Blaster · Mini Pulse · Small Health
2 Conquer 5 Planets 4 Laser · Auto Blaster · Pulse · Proton Missile · Medium Health
3 Conquer 10 Planets 7 Mega Laser · Mega Auto Blaster · Mega Pulse · Mega Proton Missile · Anti-Matter Missile · Large Health
4 Conquer 20 Planets 10 Anti-Matter Bomb · Extreme Health
5 Conquer 50 Planets 20 Planet Buster
Master Badge