Conqrix Commander is a Maxis-made Captain, present in Galactic Adventures. In the adventure Infestation, it is known as the Dronox Commander.

Infestation Edit

The probable purpose of Dronox Commanders in Infestation is to lead the Conqrix Troops into battle. There are usually two commanders in the middle of the Dronox Swarm.

There is also a Commander that leads in the front line of the swarms, helping the swarms with the tough foes.

The Dronox were in fact enslaved by the Grox to rid planets of "non-Grox followers" or as referred to by the commander, "scum."

Physiology Edit

The Commander caste has a bipedal form. The head is capable of launching explosive projectiles, while its arms has long blades that are electrically charged.

It possesses a Missile Flinger, Compact Battery, Stam-Booster, Power Generator, Lightning Striker, Power Battery, Compact Generator, Body Aegis, Oort Beam Mask, and Eyebot accessories, and a Barracutie mouth, LarvEye eye, Tearerwrist graspers, and Raptorclaws feet parts.

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