Concert in the Park is a Maxis-made adventure given by empires that adhere to the Bard philosophy.

A captain standing back and watching the show.


The player starts the adventure by talking to Colonel Jim Farkus, a record producer and manager and concert organizer for "the most famous entertainers of the galaxy". This band includes Shmelvin, an Elvis-like character. He explains that the backup singers of his group are threatning to disband the group before the big concert held in the park. He says that you have to convince them to get back in the band. The next thing the player is told to do is to go to the singer named Lotta Pipes. She can be found at the beach. The player talks to her, and she says that she had a fight with Shmelvin, but now has changed her mind. She also says that the player must make sure she sings well by teaching her to sing. The next thing the player does is sing to her. It is rather easy, due to the fact that her singing level is 1. Then the player must to go to Shmelvin's house. The player goes to a Squawk Box near the house, and Shmelvin says that he is happy to see that Lotta is there, but he also said that the player has to get the other singer, named Kat Waller, back in the band. The player then goes through the same routine that was gone through with Lotta Pipes, and then goes back to Shmelvin's house. The player talks to him, and he says he's sorry for the arguement he had with his fellow band members. Then the player goes and talk to Jim Farkus about the good news. Then, the player brings Shmelvin on to the stage, and enjoys the show.

Easter Eggs & Trivia[]

  • Shmelvin is an obvious Elvis parody.
  • There is a statue of the city's founder, which is claimed in Adventure Town to be a statue of Steve.
  • You can find a Spoffit performing behind the town hall.
  • There is a band called "The Spyders". This is a reference to The Beatles seeing as they both misspell an insect's/arachnid's names. The Spyders also wear outfits similar to the ones on the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and make other references to the Beatles.(If this is right, then Colonel Farkus may be a reference to Sergeant Pepper.) The Spyders might also be a reference to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, a fictional band created by David Bowie.
  • There are a lot of teens and children in this adventure. This can be a reference to the 1960s, much like "The Spyders".
  • Some bottles can be found near buildings, seemingly implying that those bottles are beer bottles.
  • Shmelvin refers to the player captain as the "little strange creature" several times during the adventure. This probably means that Shmelvin is bigger (physically and socially) than the player's captain and that he has never seen the captain's species before. Shmelvin says this even when the player's captain is clearly as tall or taller (for example, when the creature is made at the maximum possible height).