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Staff PageEdit

Staff Page (edited)

The staff page includes an introductory paragraph and a set of creatures made by the CGW staff.

Title PageEdit

Page 1 (edited)
Page 2 (edited)

These two pages Show Pica evolution up to Will Wright. Also another introductory paragraph leading up to the main article.

Article PagesEdit

Page 3 (edited)
Page 4 (edited)
Page 5 (edited)

These pages are the start of the article. A quick overview titled "Spore In 60 Seconds" is on the far right of the second page.

Wright Interview PageEdit

Page 6 (edited)

This page has the CGW interview with Will Wright.

Hands On PageEdit

Page 7 (edited)

This page has the indepth description of how CGW made their creatures.

Bradshaw Interview PageEdit

Page 8 (edited)

This page has an interview with Lucy Bradshaw on how animations are made in Spore.

Masively Single-Player GamesEdit

Page 9 (edited)

This page decribes how MSPG, such as Spore, work.

Page 10 (edited)