Tips and Tricks[]

Below is a list of what creatures can be killed for parts. It may be easier to get this achievement if the creature is a carnivore. Note that it's also possible to find cell parts from meteor bits.

  • The Spike part is awarded right in the beginning when a carnivorous cell eats a smaller cell (Not if you play on hard, then you have to kill the cell itself.) In order of appearance, Pokey, Spiked Shyster, Stabber, Stabbella, Squiggly, Jawhead, Needle Buzzy, Puffish and Megamouth can all get you a Spike part.
  • The Jet part is earned by killing a Booster, Nosey, Jetster, Paa, or Snorf
  • The Poison part is earned by killing a Squirty or Puffish, but is easier earned by finding the first meteor shard
  • The Cilia part is earned by killing a Pinky, Punky, Stabbella or Bloato
  • The Proboscis is earned by killing a Nosey or Bloato
  • The Electric part is earned by killing a Buzzy or Needle Buzzy

All the parts unlocked in cell stage carry over to creature stage.