Colony Incredi-Pak's icon

"Places a colony on a planet"

The Colony Incredi-Pak is a colonization tool that is used to place colonies on a planet. When the player selects it, and hovers the cursor over a planet, two circles will appear centered around the cursor. In order to place the colony, at least one spice geyser must be contained in the outer ring, but no geysers can be within the inner ring. Once launched, the pack quickly deploys into a new colony, putting up an atmospheric shield if on a T0 planet. If or when the planet is at T1 or higher, the colony will deploy vehicles to collect spice from the nearby geysers. The atmospheric shield will then be removed at T1. After the first level of the planet's ecosystem is completed, player is able to construct buildings in their colony. This will speed up the production of spice. If and when the planet is T2 or higher, player may deploy additional Colony Incredi-Paks around the planet so long as the rings do not touch the rings of another colony on the planet. Colonies cannot be placed on planets without any Spice on them.

The maximum number of cities on a single planet is three with the exception of a home planet which can have as many as ten cities.

The number of spice geysers within the colony's range does not affect spice production.

A Colony on a T-2 planet.


This tool uses purchased ammunition.

This tool is available at the beginning of the game.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §150,000
Bard Empire : §97,500
Diplomat Empire : §112,500
Scientist Empire : §97,500
Shaman Empire : §75,000
Trader Empire : §97,500
Zealot Empire : §90,000