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"Cloak your spaceship, making you invisible to others."

This tool may only be used while on a planet, and will be deactivated when the UFO interacts with anything

Some players wonder about the use of the cloaking device, since it is impossible to do anything and remain cloaked, but it can be used to lose any enemy ships on-planet that are trailing you, for a short while or getting Epic creatures to attack each other instead of your ship. But it does not cloak your allies.

Appearance of a cloaked ship.



This tool uses your ship's energy.

This requires the Missionista 5 or the Trader (badge) 5 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §250,000
Bard Empire : §125,000
Diplomat Empire : §125,000
Knight Empire : §125,000
Trader Empire : §125,000
Warrior Empire : §125,000


  • Animals will still run away from your ship even when you are using the Cloaking Device.