Clark and Stanley, as seen in Clark and Stanley Go Camping.

Clark and Stanley are the name of two individual creatures and a set of adventures in Spore that give 100 points when completed. They are incredibly basic and funny adventures which normally consist of walking up to Clark, having him speak to you, and watching him as well as Stanley die of comical effects, such as when they go swimming, they are mauled to death by sharks. After the deaths, you complete the adventure, where you are then scolded for doing a rub it in dance when they die. Users often make their own versions of this adventure, like buying Galactic Adventures, Racing, etc. They are very unpopular among more experienced players due to the simplicity of them. Some user versions give ridiculous numbers of points, with a high of 98. The average amount of points has gone down due to the change in the rating system.


Clark and Stanley are two almost identical Dweebles (the possible name of their species). The only main difference between the two is that Clark is cyan and Stanley is blue. Clark is talked to first in the Maxis adventures, but Stanley is talked to first in some user-made Clark and Stanley adventures.


The Clark and Stanley Adventures were all made by MaxisCimino, and will automatically download into the player's game if they have the Maxis Adventures Sporecast enabled. Below is a list of the original Maxis adventures.

  • Clark and Stanley Go Camping: Clark and Stanley invite you to go camping with them in the Countryside. Unfortunately, their campsite is right in the middle of a road, and they are both crushed by a passing truck (which is actually Mr. Puzzle's Van).
  • Clark and Stanley Go Stargazing: You are invited to go Stargazing by Clark and Stanley at the top of a hill, but they are both crushed by a falling meteorite.
  • Clark and Stanley Swimming: Clark and Stanley decide to go swimming with dolphins, but none seem to have appeared. They both chum the water, but are mauled to death hungry sharks that have been attracted by the bait.

There are also hundreds of player-made Clark and Stanley Adventures available. Most of them are yellow face, but some are succesful enough to make it to green face.


  • They are likely to be largely based upon the characters of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, a slapstick comedy during the 1920s, 30s and 40s.
  • Clark Stanley was the name of the original snake-oil salesman (this may or may not be a coincidence).
  • In the Maxis Adventure Dancetopia, many Clarks can be seen dancing within the Nightclub.
  • When Clark and Stanley die, a sound effect titled: "Sting Jazz Ending" plays. This sound is usually absent from most user-made adventures. However, a sound effect titled "Sting barbershop" is used instead sometimes.
  • They are sometimes called "The Kennies of Spore" because they die a lot, and Kenny is a character from South Park that also frequently dies.