A city hall in the Civilization Stage.

MainHall icon.pngCity halls are available in the Civilization Stage and Space Stage. They have 3,600 HP and automatically come with cities and colonies when founded. If they're destroyed, their city will fall to the opposing force, whether bought, converted or captured. When they're linked to a factory or entertainment building, they double the production rate or happiness accordingly, like houses. The city halls also increase the vehicle limit by five in the Civilization Stage. There can only be one city hall in a city.

In Civilization Stage, city halls cannot be destroyed, as even military conquest does not destroy the building. However, in Space Stage, there is always the risk of destroying the city hall when attacking an opposing empire's colony, and with it the city itself.

Special Parts[]

Below are the parts exclusive to city halls in the building editor:


  • Little Johnny (2,000)
  • Friar Tucker (1,500)
  • Mad Maid Marian (2,000)
  • Sherwood Fawks (2,000)


  • Yepun Seeker (3,500)
  • Antu Receiver (3,500)
  • Qua-yen Sighter (3,500)
  • Me-li-pal Finder (4,500)


  • Levanter Finder (3,500)
  • Sciroco Vane (3,500)
  • Huba Seeker (3,500)
  • Chincook Sensor (3,500)


  • Teepee (500)
  • Fiercesom (500)
  • Jefferson (500)
  • Carousel (500)