The City Stage of Spore was not implemented in the final game. Its main feature was to provide a new golden era of technology, architecture, and infrastructure to the player's city. It was supposed to come between the Tribal Stage and the Civilization Stage. The player's tribe had become civilized, but motorized vehicles had not been invented. The last time this stage was seen was at a 2007 presentation where its icon can be seen for a few seconds even though its dimmed out.

Possible gameplay[]

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Agriculture in the City Stage.

Agriculture in the City Stage.

There would have been some form of agriculture in the game, but whether or not it would spark the rise of civilization like it did for humans is a different story. However, a few images from E3 2006 showed what appears to be a farm with silos outside of the city limits. Theoretically, herbivores would either go out and gather vegetables and fruits, or grow them in a farm or orchard. Omnivores and carnivores may have made use of pastures to keep livestock, or go out and hunt for meat. In the Tribal stage, it is possible to domesticate creatures as a form of agriculture and farm fish.

Early on during a video on the Spore website, there is a reptilian creature tending a much larger dark green quadrupedal creature which was inside a pen.

Since the hidden text document leak it has been confirmed that all creatures (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore) would have been able to domesticate animals and eat the domesticated animal's eggs, like you can in the tribal stage.

Arts and Crafts[]

It is unclear if people would be able to make their own unique culture or to make monuments and landmarks with their own race. If it was possible, however, there could have been a way to create their own artwork such as statues, paintings and architecture.

City types[]


It is unclear whether or not there would have been internal crime or corruption in the cities, and how it would have been dealt with. What is known is that if you killed or stole from another tribe, city, or planet, the inhabitants would lose patience and attack you when you were nearby or hovering over the star. There were probably many possible ways people could have dealt with crime. There could have been jail, death, exile, torture, or simply no punishment at all.


Pollution is the presence of harmful contaminants in the environment. Though it is harmful, it is usually a necessary byproduct of development. It could be speculated that there might have been pollution as a small factor for happiness during the City Stage if nothing else. (i.e. pollution dependent creatures or "dead" polluted worlds). The only appearance of pollution in the Civilization stage is after the launching of nuclear weapons, such as the ICBM and Gadget Bomb, when polluted scrap appears inside city walls, and doesn't go for a long time. Flooding can occur in the Space stage.

Sports & Games[]

It was speculated if the Tribal stage would have had any sports or friendly competitions, whether they would have been between a single tribe or civilization or between two. If that were so, there would have been the issue of whether or not people would be able to watch games without participating, or be able to interact indirectly with the game (like in Amazing Island).


  • The City Stage could have been based on a period of Earth's history prior to the 21st century, possibly the 6th or 19th century, or somewhere in between.