In the Civilization Stage, citizens perform various actions in the public space provided in their city. Some of these actions are not archetype-specific, and some are restricted to one archetype only.

Economic Edit

In Economic cities, the actions are all money related. They involve cash giveaways, game shows, and gambling.

  • A gathering where either papers or coins are thrown up into the air.

Military Edit

In Military cities the actions are all military-related. They include push-up and running drills, military rallies, marching drills, and the occasional 21 Gun Salute.

  • An official gives a speech in front of a crowd using a megaphone. He has two armed guards. He will be making punching motions, so the speech is likely about war and crushing the enemy.
  • A military drill where citizens run after the instructor and sprint (or if they have wings, fly) around the city.

Religious Edit

In Religious cities, the actions are all religion-related. They include worship or prayer ceremonies, musical ceremonies, and merry-making.

Unrestricted Edit

These actions have been observed to occur in all three types of cities.

Two or three citizens gather around and start a conversation using bubbles, with pictures representing ideas or concepts.

If there is a low happiness level, the citizens will hold signs with an unhappy face on them and protest.