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An image of a Chieftain with a staff.

The Chieftain is the leader of the tribe in the Tribal stage. It is needed to conduct your tribe when trying to impress other tribes, but isn't required to attack other tribes. Also, it has more hitpoints than normal tribe members. If killed, it is reborn in about one minute at the Tribal Hut. It can also use abilities, which are consequences from your activities from the Cell stage (if played) and Creature stage (if played).

When going to the Tribal stage from the Creature stage, your creature will learn to make fire using a stick, and soon, that stick will turn to a staff, becoming the Chieftain.

The Chieftain cannot use tools, but its staff can be used as a fishing spear, a gathering rod, and a very effective weapon.

The Chieftain's Superpowers Edit

Chieftain Glitch Edit

Sometimes in the Tribal Stage, a spaceship may hover over your tribe and abduct your chieftan. Since he was abducted, he won't be reborn, causing the player to permanently lose his/her chieftain. Your chieftain can also hinder your attempts to befriend another tribe by constantly fidgiting during a musical performance. If this happends simply killing your tribe chieftain and letting him be reborn may fix this issue.

Another glitch is when your chieftain stands completely still, usually while attempting to send a gift, and is unable to move, despite any and all attempts by both the player and AI, even if the gift is dropped and taken by another tribesmen. Thus, dooming the chieftain to starve where it stands. This will be troublesome because it will not allow any attempts to befriend another tribe.

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