An image of a Chieftain with a staff.

The Chieftain is the leader of the tribe in the Tribal stage. He is needed to conduct your tribe when trying to impress other tribes or use abilities from the Cell Stage and the Creature Stage but isn't required to attack other tribes. Also, he has 50% more health than normal tribe members. If killed, he will respawn in about one minute at the Tribal Hut.

When advancing to the Tribal Stage, your creature will learn to make fire using a stick, and soon, that stick will turn to staff, and your creature will become the Chieftain.

The Chieftain cannot equip any tools, but his staff can be used as a Fishing Spear, a Gathering Rod, and a devastating weapon against other creatures. When in combat, his staff deals 12-14 damage to creatures and 6-8 damage against buildings. The chieftain's staff also has a knock-down effect when attacking other creatures.

The Chieftain's Superpowers[]


  • The UFOs can sometimes abduct your chieftain on rare occasions. If this happens, you will permanently lose the chieftain and the ability to conduct bands and use the consequence abilities. The game will also crash if you attempt to advance to the Civilization Stage.
  • Your chieftain can also hinder your attempts to befriend another tribe by constantly fidgeting during a musical performance. It can be solved by moving him to a nearby position and then resume the conducting.
  • Sometimes your chieftain will hold two staff at once. This usually happens when you use any ability from the Cell Stage while he is holding food plates. If this happens, he will repeatedly try to switch to his staff and will not do anything else. This can be fixed by using any Cell Stage ability again or reloading the game.
  • When a chieftain is killed, his body is sometimes seen in the main hut. This happens most often after moving the camera away right after he dies.