Cheats are secret commands within Spore. Though some can give the player a substantial advantage in gameplay, many are simply visual enhancements or useful utility options such as file exporting. All cheats are activated by pressing CTRL+Shift+C to open the hidden console, where the commands can be entered.

Using any of the commands that gives the player an abnormal advantage in gameplay will mark the save file that used them with the Joker Badge, which makes that file permanently locked out of obtaining achievements. Using the same cheat 50 times awards the Pathological Cheater Achievement, however.

Cheat Glitches[]

Sometimes cheating can disable zooming in and out in both planet and galactic views. Simply clicking the Sporepedia tab or exiting the game fixes this glitch.

Utility commands[]

  • help - Shows a list of many of the possible console commands
  • clear - To clear all commands of the console
  • capturePlanetGIF - Captures a spinning GIF of the planet you are on and stores it in the AnimatedAvatars directory.
  • help (command) - Explains action and usage of a command.
  • help -full - Shows a list of all the possible console commands
  • freedom [on/off] or [true/false] - Makes the complexity meter larger, creations that break the limits are not pollinated and cannot be played in-game. This is denoted by a red symbol on their Sporepedia card.
  • killallhints - Removes all hints from the game.
  • SetTime (h, m) - Sets the time of day at the Avatar's position, and optionally a speed multiplier.
  • freeCam - Toggles free camera mode, which allows the player to move and zoom out the camera to ridiculous lengths, even far enough that the entire planet is in view. Usable in Galactic Adventures and the Creature Stage
  • rename planet new name - Changes the name of a planet. Unlike other cheats, there must be a space between "rename" and "planet" but works with or without quotation marks around the new name. You cannot rename saved games.
  • rename star new name - Changes the name of the selected star. Unlike other cheats, there must be a space between "rename" and "star". This cheat can also be used to rename galactic objects, such as Black Holes and Proto-Planetary Disks. The Galactic Core can even be renamed. Your home planet cannot be renamed.
  • blocksmode - Turns creatures into their blocky representations. To undo, enter the cheat again.
  • levels -unlock - On the Spore main menu, allows you to unlock every stage for new games, even if you haven't completed their prerequisite stages.
  • colladaexport - Exports a 3D mesh of the currently viewed creature in .dae format to the My Spore Creations/Creatures folder. Only in Patch 1.5 and onward.
  • highresTextureLevel [off/low/medium/high] - Adjusts the quality of the textures of vehicles and buildings

Stylefilter Cheats[]

The stylefilter cheats change the visual style of the game and do not cause the game to be tagged with the Joker Badge. Stylefilter cheats do not affect HUD elements

  • stylefilter -none - change view back to normal
  • styleFilter -oilPaint - Overlays a brushed paint effect onto the screen to give the game the appearance of an oil painting
  • styleFilter -filmNoir - View game in black & white
  • styleFilter -microscope - Displays the game in a way that mimics cross-polarised bright-field microscopy.
  • styleFilter -norainbows - Gives the game a darker, less colorful effect.
  • styleFilter -nextgen - Applies a fog effect and uses muted colors, imitating the graphical effects commonly used in 7th Generation games (considered "next gen" when Spore was released) to achieve a realistic look.

Adventure Filters and cheats[]

Filter white

Some assorted adventure filters.

  • adventureLook -none - change view back to normal
  • adventureLook -norainbows - Gives the game a darker, less colorful effect
  • adventureLook -watercolor - Gives the game a watercolor art effect
  • adventureLook -sepia - Gives the game an old photograph effect
  • adventureLook -sixteenbit - Gives the game a blocky appearance, and adds dithering
  • adventureLook -eightbit - Same as -sixteenbit, however said dithering is more drastic
  • adventureLook -filmnoir - Gives the game a black & white view and adds imperfections, like old black & white television. And it rains all the time.
  • freecam - Enables freedom of camera movement

Your filter changes will be saved and published with the adventure, so others playing it can see it just as you intended it to look!

Joker Badge Cheats[]

Joker Badge

Joker Badge

The following cheats will disable further achievements, at least for the specific save game that the cheat is used on. If you want to earn more achievements, do not save your game after cheating. There is also a possible bug that disables achievements for all save games, until the cheated save file is deleted.

Tip: using the cheats when the game is paused and then unpausing the game will not give you the Joker badge occasionally.

  • addDNA - increases the DNA by 150. Works in Creature Creator and when normally playing, also adds 150 budget in the outfit creator
  • moreMoney - Increases money by 2,000 in the Civilization Stage and 1,000,000 in the Space Stage.
  • freedom - Disables creator complexity limits. This cheat only works in the non-game editors.
  • refillMotives - Replenishes depleted health and other motives.
  • unlockSuperWeapons - Unlocks all super weapons for the player's Civilization type.
  • spaceCreate - Unlocks and recharges all creation tools in Space Mode.
  • evoadvantage This cheat must be entered when starting a new Creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. It's possible to start a new game with one of the player's more evolved creatures. Tip: this cheat won't prevent achievements from being won as it is used while in the main menu
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency [number] - adjust the number of times pirates can raid the player's system.
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency [number] - adjust the number of times pirates can steal spice from the player's system.
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency [number] - adjust the number of times pirates can raid allies in the player's system.
  • levels -unlockAdventures - Unlocks all Maxis adventures. This may result in getting the Joker Badge. However, being a cheat used in the main menu, it will not trigger the Joker Badge, similar to the evoadvantage cheat.
  • SetConsequenceTrait (trait) - Modifies one of your creature's Traits and/or archetype. The available options can be one of the following:
for example: SetConsequenceTrait creature_mixed