Creatures with many detail parts can be charmed with this social.


A Ploogal using charm

SporeCharmCharm is a socializing ability used in the Creature Stage and Adventures, and is used to impress other creatures, including the player's own species. It used for the same purpose as Sing, Dance, and Pose. The Charm ability is only able to be acquired through detail parts, and most parts of this section are given over to granting the Charm ability. Level 1 Charm can also be acquired in the Early Creature Creator through the 'Electric' part, and selection of this part often makes most of the Details category available from the beginning.

For social creatures, Charm is often a necessity, as most Herbivores will have at least a low level Charm. It is also highly advised for a creature intending to be Friendly or Industrious in the Tribal Stage to have a solid Charm level, as Charm is taken into account, along with other social skills, to determine how quickly the bar fills during the socialising mini-game.

Trivia Edit

  • With each progressive level of charm, the action becomes more elaborate and impressive, as with all other 'social' skills.
  • Charming is a possible reference to a Zeridah movie short (made May 4 2007) when a toucan shakes his bottom and says he calls it charming.
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