Char: The Blazing Inferno, Plasma Tempestfrom Cryos.

Darskpore BETA Char

Char:The Blazing Inferno as he appears in the Arsenel room in Darkspore BETA.

Char: The Blazing Inferno is a Plasma Tempest from Cryos in the game Darkspore. His attacks are fire-based and were made that way to even out the lightning-based attacks Lumin has. He has 5 legs, and no arms.

Revelation Edit

Char was the only hero who was never mentioned or even seen before the game was released. Instead, players discovered him while playing the BETA of Darkspore.

Lore Edit

Across the wastelands of Cryos, Char had spent his entire life as a destroyer, tracking criminals and then slaughtering his quarry.

But not even Char could catch everyone. Eventually, enough of his escaped foes banded together to trap him in an ice cage in Cryos' northern dead zone. Although he killed five of them before the surviving criminals escaped, Char would have certainly died from his terrible wounds. That is, without the intervention of a Crogenitor.

Char knew nothing of the Crogenitors and didn’t care. All he knew was that a bizarre alien granted him a healed and amplified body, and powers he never dreamed existed. With his newfound ability to wield plasma energy and pyrokinetically attack anything he saw, Char incinerated any foe foolish enough not to flee.

And when the Darkspore invaded, few stood against them with as much wrath and power.

Abilities Edit

(Basic attack)Ignite- Spontainously combusts the air at the target point, damaging one enemy

(1) Elemental Guardian- Summons a pet with a ranged attack. Using the ability again will enrage the pet, increasing damage and giving it a fire aura

(2)Alpha- Meteor Strike- Calls down a meteor that damages and stuns all enemies near the targeted point

(2)Beta- Flame Surge- Launches a wave of flames that spreads wider as it travels

(2)Gamma-Webbed Lightning- After a short peroid of concentration, 12 streams of lightning burst out, damaging and shocking enemies

(2)Delta-Electron Sphere- Launches a sphere of healted plasma that zaps nearby enemies and explodes if it hits a target

(Team skill) Fiery Eruption- Causes an area to erupt in flames, causing heavy damage immediately and lasting damage to enemies who remain in the area, as well as reducting their incoming healing.

(Passive) Concussive Orbit- Volatile swirling rocks will explode when an enemy is near dealing damage and stunning all nearby enemies (Swirling rocks will follow Char)

Trivia Edit

  • Char's head and face slightly resembles Skar.
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