Cerberus is a hidden achievement present in Spore.

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • The player has to add three different "mouths" which can be placed anywhere in the body. Note that this is a Creature Stage achievement, so using the Creature Creator outside of the game or in the Space Stage will not count.
  • If the player tries to make their creation look like the achievement's picture with three heads (for example, by placing a mouth at the end of a matched pair of arms), that won't work. The player will have three mouths, but only two different types of mouths (unless they use the Asymmetrical feature).
    • The player will technically need three, four, five, or six heads, depending on placement. Three if all are along the center; four if one is not along the center of the creature; five if two are not along the center of the creature; six if none are along the center of the creature.
    • With a mod or the patch 1.05, the player can use asymmetrical placement and create three different heads like in the achievement's picture, it will work for this achievement.

Trivia Edit

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