Some cells appear to have relationships with each other, one being fierce (aggressive; usually carnivores) and others being kinder (passive; usually herbivores) - cells created by Maxis usually have a hint in their name that depicts their actions. Some cells have totally explicit relations with each other, while others seem to have a weaker relationship. Other ones appear even on different levels, but look similar.

Possible signs of relationships may be not attacking each other (a common theme among relationships), or by similar names and similar bodies (another common theme), being manipulated by the player's cell, and in just one particular case, reproduction.

Explicit relationship[]

Punky & Pinky[]

  • Similar name
  • Similar body
  • Don't attack each other
  • Punkys seem to escort Pinky "herds" (groups with 3 - 6)
  • Very notable relationship
  • Punkys not only escort Pinky herds, but will also defend them from predators including your cell

Stabber & Stabbella[]

  • Similar name
  • Similar body
  • Don't attack each other
  • Notable relationship

Shyster & Spiked Shyster[]

  • Similar name
  • Similar body
  • Don't usually attack each other
  • Relationship doesn't seem to be so strong, as Spiked Shysters aren't found often
  • Notable relationship
  • When found together, Spiked Shysters will attack you more often if you kill Shysters.

Buzzy & Needle Buzzy[]

  • Similar name
  • Similar body
  • Don't attack each other
  • However, Buzzy becomes prey-sized when Needle Buzzy appears
  • Both have electric parts
  • Not so notable relationship
    • Needle Buzzy is possibly an evolved form of Buzzy

Particular relationship[]

A custom cell chasing two Maa.

The most particular and interesting relationship in the game is between Maa, Paa and Junior. After mating with Paa, Maa will lay black eggs that will hatch into Junior cells. This is suggestive as lots of things can be noted because of this about names and others.

  • Paa from papa
  • Maa from mama
  • Junior is nearly identical to Paa (except smaller)
  • The three cells are blue
  • The three cells each have four eyes, equally positioned
  • Maa looks like Paa (if you take out the huge-pregnant-suggestive-belly and put in a jaw)
  • Paa doesn't attack Maa or Junior

Other relationship (speculation)[]

Evolution level Relationships[]

The cells Bloato and Nosey may be related in some way. Just as the aforementioned related cells share certain physical characteristics, Bloato and Nosey have a few common characteristics as well. They are the only omnivorous cells in the game, have similar body shapes and colors, and are fast-moving. In addition, Bloato is aggressive while Nosey is not, and this is similar to other pairs of related cells (with one being aggressive, and the other being more peaceful).

However, Bloato and Nosey appear at different levels of the cell stage, and as such Bloato might instead be an evolved version of Nosey. On the other hand, Buzzy and Needle Buzzy make their first appearance at different stages as well, so the size difference between the Bloato and Nosey may not refute any possibility of the two cells being related to each other.

Jetster might also have evolved from Nosey. They both have many jets, Nosey having six and Jetster having seven. It is possible that Nosey underwent a split in its evolutionary line to form Bloato and Jetster.

Pinky might have evolved from Minno. They both have the same pattern, are herbivores, and are pink. This also means that Minno evolved into Punky, but it is more likely that Pinky evolved into Punky.

Another possible relationship exists between Booster and Snorf. Both have similar colors, are carnivores and have a jet.

Squirty may have evolved into Snorf as both are carnivorous squid like creatures

Grubby and Squiggly are also very similar. both are green multiple eye bearing herbivores with flagella

The starting cell Ildeeni might have evolved into Ducky, due to similar coloring, amount of flagella, and position of flagella.

Squirty might also have evolved into Puffish, because of similar coloring, same type of flagella, and the fact that they are the only cells in the game that have poison.

Finally, a relationship exists between Chomper, Jawhead and Megamouth as all three possess multiple eyes and mouth-themed names. Chomper and Jawhead have similar colours, and Jawhead and Megamouth both have spikes and a similar body shape. It might be possible Megamouth evolved from Jawhead, who evolved from Chomper. But Megamouth preys on Jawhead sometimes.

A cell-creature relationship exists between Maa, and Trooba. They have a similar color scheme, and a sac, however, The four eyes that the cell Maa possesses do not exist in the Trooba. It is possible that Maa cells exited out of water and became Trooba.

Weird Relationships[]

Chomper and Goldy seem to have a strange relationship. Both won't attack each other and they both hunt Pokey and your cell.

Bloato and Snorf also have a similar relation ship. they don't attack each other and hunt the same prey

The starter cells Loobo and Sporoo may be related as they both have two vertical eyes, a similar color scheme, and are herbivores.

"Domesticating" Prey Cells[]

A player-made cell pushes a docile Stabbella to a Buzzy to damage it.

When a player's cell makes a growth spurt, nearby peer cells become prey cells. These cells end up being more docile. They can be pushed to other peer cells to do light damage to them, making them flee from you. Your "pet" will be unharmed. Just be careful when near carnivores, as they can eat your "pet", especially if it is your only means of defense. Also, if you have a carnivore or omnivore mouth, you could wind up eating it by accident. If you mate, your "pet" will be gone forever.

Cell Stage Rivalries[]

Some cells seem to hate each other. Examples include

Cell Stage "Predator eats Prey"[]

Some cells like to eat one another. The predator is on the left and the prey is on the right. Example(s) include