The Cell Creator (known as Cell Editor before it was changed in final version of Spore) is a type of creator that allows to edit the cell in the Cell Stage. Like the Creature Creator, it has a model of the cell's body and a choice of twelve parts to add to it, although the cell is edited in 2D in this stage. There are three main features of the editor: size and shape, color, and parts.

Shape & Size Edit

Penut shaped cell

There are only 6 vertebrae available, but various shapes can be made using them.

The Cell Creator is more restrictive than the Creature Creator, having a top-down view and with cells being a set six vertebrae long. The vertebrae must also be in one line but otherwise can be shaped as desired; the cell can be fattened and thinned at each vertebra just like in the Creature Creator.

Color Edit

Paint cell

Painting a cell.

There are 24 textures to paint the cell with and 735 colors. Textures change as the player progresses through the Cell Stage to form similar creature stage textures.

Parts Edit

Name of Part Type of Part Ability Given Cost in DNA Ability Given in Creature stage
Filter Mouth Mouth Can eat plants 15 Can eat fruit
Jaw Mouth Can eat meat 15 Can eat meat
Proboscis Mouth Can drink cytoplasm and plants 25 Can eat meat and fruit
Spike Weapon Damages cells that touch it 10 Charge (Level 1)
Poison Weapon Excretes poison. Cells with this part will not be affected by your poison 15 Spit (Level 1)
Electric Weapon Electrocutes nearby cells 25 Charm (Level 1)
Flagella Speed Allows your cell to move faster (constant movement) 15 Sneak (Level 1
Cilia Speed Allows your cell to move and turn faster (fast pulse movement) 15 Jump (Level 1)
Jet Speed Adds 2 speed per jet (charged pulse movement) 25 Sprint (Level 1)
Beady Eye Sight Allows your cell to see 5 Sight
Stalk Eye Sight Allows your cell to see 5 Sight
Button Eye Sight Allows your cell to see 5 Sight

Unreleased editor Edit

Spore 2010-01-15 19-51-27

A cell made in the Hidden Cell Editor.

It is possible to access the expanded beta version of the Cell Creator in the full game by right-clicking on the Spore shortcut icon, going to "properties" and editing the target so the end reads -state:CellEditor rather than '-locale:en-us'. So it should look like this;"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe" -state:CellEditor. This gives the access to the unreleased editor. Despite the player is able to save the cell in this unreleased editor, the cell can't be used or edited in the main game.

To gain access to the unreleased editor on the Steam platform, go into the games library and right-click on the desired version of Spore. Click Properties, then, if the tab is not on General, tab to General. Click "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..." and enter the following string, without quotes: "-state:CellEditor" If this done right, this will enter to the expanded Cell Editor.

Trivia Edit

  • Some upgraded parts in the hidden editor are found on cells in the cell stage, but some of the larger ones are not seen. These were most likely upgrades for the original parts, where you had to find them, almost like in the creature stage. They were most likely cut due to the brevity of the Cell Stage.
  • In Creature Stage, the eyes change color depending on the base color of your creature.
  • In Spore Galactic Edition, the Beta Parts are featured in the 'Art Of Spore' which shows the Beta Elements/Concept Art of Spore.
  • Most of these are "improved" variants of the basic parts that are seen in the artwork book that comes with the Galactic Edition. Creations can be saved, but not shared, and will not appear as AIs in the Cell Stage. Also notable is one more eye design, called "Long Eye". Exiting the editor will launch Spore as normal.

Gallery Edit

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