This is a list of SporeWiki articles which need to be cleaned up, expanded or otherwise worked on to make them presentable. These articles are directly related to spore information.

They have been identified by contributors by placing {{work}} at the top of pages that require updating, reformatting, information, sources, pruning, or otherwise improving. When a page has been worked on sufficiently, the article should be decategorized by removing the work tag.

If an article which needs work has been deemed critical for the usefulness of SporeWiki, it should be added to this category as well as Category:Critical articles requiring work by using {{work|c}} instead of just {{work}}.

SporeWiki pages not directly related to Spore information should be added to the Pages requiring work category using {{work2}}.

Pieces of user created content that could use some work to conform to the Manual of Style or are still under construction from their author should be added to the Content requiring work category using {{workcontent}}.


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