Carnivore Card

The Carnivore card awarded to species.

"Carnivorous cells consume a diet of meat."

Carnivore Consequence AbilitiesEdit

Creature stage

Raging Roar: "Use this ability to make all surrounding creatures run in fear."

Tribal stage

Traps: "This ability allows the chieftain to lay traps to ensnare wild animals."
"Carnivore also makes the Stone axe weapon the default weapon in Tribal stage"
"Carnivore also makes the Didgeridoo instrument the default instrument in Tribal stage"

Civilization stage

Invulnerability: "This ability makes your vehicles impervious to damage for a limited time."

Space stage

Power Monger: "This ability increases the effectiveness of all weapons."

Gaining The Carnivore Trait

The Carnivore trait is given to cells which eat significantly less plants than they either eat meat or kill cells. Cells with a filter feeder (Herbivore) mouth can still become a Carnivore (or more likely an Omnivore) by killing many cells, although this is more difficult.

Personality of Carnivore Creatures

Carnivores tend to threaten creatures before attacking, but can also be neutral. They hunt other creatures for survival also, so they can be neutral, territorial or aggressive.