Zuki is the Vanara Empress of the Night who commands the power of night, maddening moonlight, freezing winter, and flesh rotting plague. Born when the Vanara were slaves to the Dominatus, Zuki grew up knowing only oppression. Still it was she who would lead her people to escape from the clutches of their cruel masters. She would then latter return to smite the Dominatus in retribution for all the tortures inflicted upon her people. Now one of the Sacred Vanara Empire's Duel Empresses Zuki has led her people through conflict after conflict bringing them victory no matter the trials and tribulations. While she cares deeply about her people Zuki is some what distant and imposing figure known for taking ruthless action to destroy her enemies.


Under the Iron Boot[]

Zuki never new her parents as she was taken from them at birth and taken to a world wear the Dominatus held all the Vanara with the most psychic potential. Endlessly experimented on Zuki's only comfort was her sister Auvia and her mentor was Ryzijin who taught her and her sister how to keep their sanity despite the horrors inflicted on them. Zuki was able to resist but her sister could not and was driven insane by the torment. Threatening to kill every Vanara at the facility in which they were held, zuki and Ryzijin were forced too use their combined power to seal Auvia away in a pocket dimension. This did not go unnoticed by the Dominatus and Ryzijin took full responsibility for what happened, hiding Zuki's involvement. He was taken away and never seen again.

Having had enough Zuki secretly organized with the rest of the Vanara forces on planet to perform an experimental ritual. At night they set their plane into motioned and initiated the ritual. It was a success and the Vanara god known as Jura. As the titanic dragon rampaged across the planet tearing through the very foundations of reality, Zuki and the other Vanara stole several Dominatus ships, using their magics to control them.

For a few months they committed hit and run strikes across Tyranny territory, freeing whatever Vanara they could before fleeing far from the Dominatus and into the west of Mirus.

The Enlightenment War[]

Attero Dominatus[]

The Vanara had always known that war with Dominatus would be inevitable and some, like Zuki, almost looked forward to it. And on the eve of Attero Dominatus that day had come. However, these Dominatus were ones far stronger and far depraved then when they had enslaved Zuki's people. To counter the unrelenting power of the Dominatus the Vanara channeled their collective insanity to create a creation of utter absurdity: the Kitsune, a melee oriented mech able to teleport through a fairy tail land past the effective range of Daminatus weapons and cleaving through their armor with giant mystical swords.

Zuki herself lead the Vanara forces from the front, battling a group known as the Terrible Four consisting of her Akanri, Seerkar, and Surathi. The four shredded through Dominatus weapon after Dominatus weapon, even destroying a 700 meter long Potentate Class Ultra-Heavy Tank during the Battle of Kiroval III. When the time came for the allies to march on Demegorgan Prime, Zuki and the Terrible Four spear head the Vanara assault crushing any Dominatus who dared stand against them.

Eventually though the Dominatus surrendered and the war came to an end. Zuki and the other leaders of the allies gathered to listen to the Dominatus crimes be read out and to hear the appeal of Archon Stahl. Stahl gave a grand speech denouncing the allies as nothing more then Dominatus on the inside who would return to trying to dominate one another. Zuki herself shouted Stahl down calling his words the words of a slave to his instincts and stated the Vanara intention to rise above and destroy his nihilistic view of the universe. she then outlined a plan to destroy the adult Dominatus, but to spar and raise the young and unborn Dominatus into good and productive members of society. Her plan however was ignored in favor of genocidal revenge. As the Dominatus were marched off to dance as they burned in the flames they had stoked, smiles on ever face, Zuki could only shake her head in disgust. In her mind the allies had only proved Stahl's point. "I wash my hands of this" were her last words to the other ally leaders.

Wars of the Mirusian Coalition[]

Berserker Onslaught[]

Mendel Schism[]

Second Great Cyrannus War[]



Zuki is a black furred she Vanara with purple scales and eyes. Very voice is notable for having a lazy tone that only seems to augment her haughty attitude.


Zuki is known for carrying herself in a very nonchalant manner, often speaking in slow, lazy tones and never seeming to show much care for anything. However, she comes off as haughty and prideful all the same with many finding her very presences unnerving and threatening to a degree, and for good reason for Zuki has a sharp and ruthless mind. While Zuki sees violence and war only as a last resort when trying to accomplish her goals and protect her people when that line is crossed Zuki will go for the most efficient and direct way possible so as to end the conflict soon as possible. In terms of politics Zuki takes no sides and has no consistent positions on anything, instead she merely takes the side and adopts the position that she feels is the best one for solving whatever issues will arise. While other races might find this disturbing in their leaders, it is this tendency that makes Zuki so beloved by her people.

  • Favorite Foods – Blood, Wine, and Cheese
  • Favorite Color – Black
  • Preferred Style – Regal and ornate.
  • Most Prized Possession – A bracelet given to her by Ryzijin.
  • Areas of Interest – Sword Play, Military Tactics, Magic
  • Dislikes – Tyrants


Zuki is a expert swordswomen and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Vanara Empire, able to turn night to day, eclipse the moon, change summer to winter, and wipe out entire populations. She is also an expert manipulator both on and off the battlefield. When fighting she prefers to make use of deception misleading enemies, setting ambushes, and other guerrilla tactics. Zuki disdains honor and will use most dirty tactics she can to come out victorious. While capable of great charisma, Zuki only employs it when dealing with enemies as Vanara care not for charisma and prize efficiency most of all.



  • Green face.pngAuvia - I've missed you sister, welcome back.
  • Green face.pngKryunn - Make your future a good one.
  • Green face.pngAkanri - Dearest cousin.


  • Green face.pngBarda Clett - Rest at ease my friend, you daughter will carry on in your place well.
  • Blue face.pngGridlock - A leader I can respect, even if we used to be villains.
  • Green face.pngW'tze - I have to thank you for inviting my people to join your little project.
  • Green face.pngKirta Clett - Feisty, the Mendel will have need of your spirit in the future.



  • Red face.pngWolframicht Stahl - People seem to think yo're some sort of poet and philosopher, I think you're just trying to piss everyone off.
  • Red face.pngThe Dark One - A foul beast who has tainted the night.
  • Red face.pngTyrómairon - A false demiurge for darkness.

Quotes From Others[]

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