Oh, how I love my job!

- Zoltik Relkhul

Zoltik Relkhul is the CEO of Soltako Armed Military, one of the largest private military companies of the Borealis Galaxy's Eastern Arm.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Zoltik was born at the Heeyorian colony of Nondaw at the Ottzello Galaxy on 2717. He was born on territory of the Zaarkhun Consortium and his family were affiliated with the underground criminal groups, leading him to follow their footsteps. As he grew up, he became a respectable engineer as it is expected from all Heeyorians as well as a successful crimelord. He followed the ideals of Falrik Zaarkhun with great admiration and did his best to follow his philosophies. After Zoltik hit the age of 37, Nondaw was invaded by Da Propa Big Loron Empire and destroyed. Zoltik himself managed to escape and hid away with his subordinates to an unknown world away from Ottzello's major civilizations. He decided to keep hidden until he was fully prepared to face the galaxy's threats and began augmenting his body with illegal weaponry and artificial limbs and muscles.

Second Borealis Galactic War Edit

Following the Annihilation, Zoltik and his men were moved briefly to the Milky Way Galaxy and then to the Borealis Galaxy, where they were situated at the Ottzello Sector. Inspecting the galaxy he ended on, littered with crime everywhere, Zoltik came out of hiding and founded Soltako Armed Military. As the Second Borealis Galactic War went on, the Borealis Consortium Network founded the War Economy on the Eastern Arm, causing the demand for PMCs like Soltako to skyrocket. Zoltik discovered Zaarkhun was still alive and leading the BCN, and lent the Wranploer his full support. By the end of the war, Zoltik had become filthy rich and upgraded himself with the best technology the black market had to offer, and following Zaarkhun's death, he declared himself to be his one true successor.

Ice Age Edit

During the fifth year of the Ice Age, Zoltik became indirectly involved in the battle against Zarkhator by harming Tetra Terya's efforts into discovering the means to defeat the hostile precursors by continuously sending his agents after him and the Kormacvar AI he had obtained. After being betraye dby one of his lieutenants, Zoltik personally fought Tetra and the Zarkhator leader Zaharalei over a Kormacvar beacon, but was eventually defeated and forced to retreat.

A few weeks later, Zoltik and his private military company were hired by the Old Niaka Order with the intention of launching an attack known as Operation New Order, which was composed of having SAM kidnap the populations of entire innocent planets, brainwash them and then use them as an army to be used against the Niaka Special Forces's homeworld of Ikkiz. Zoltik personally led several attacks through the galaxy to obtain soldiers for this army until he got the attention of Xerkea. The Niaka Chief Major confronted Zoltik over his plan, where he taunted her and sent her into a bloodlust against him after forcing her to shoot innocents to get to him. Xerkea eventually attacked Zoltik's HQ and the two had a battle to the death, which resulted in Zoltik losing his life shortly after gloating about Operation New Order to Xerkea.

Zoltik's death forced Soltako to change its HQ to a new unknown location and to choose a new individual as a replacement CEO. Xerkea took Zoltik's head as a trophy, which was put on display at her office at Ikkiz. However, despite his decapitation, his soldiers managed to keep him alive by taking his body away and growing a new head on it, allowing Zoltik to be revived and lead SAM once again.

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Appearance Edit

Zoltik appears as a massive Heeyorian with cybernetic enhancements all over his body. His gigantism compared to the rest of his species is due to the various enhancements he applied on himself while hidden, as he desired to be large and strong enough to face Loron in combat. His armor is black and gray, while his cyborg limbs is coloured in a shade of brown. What remains of his organic body is filled with scars.

Personality Edit

Zoltik is an apathetic Heeyorian who follows Falrik Zaarkhun's ideology to its fullest extent. In his opinion, the strong must prevail over the weak, and natural selection must eliminate those deemed weak through war and conflict. Loud and bloodthirsty, Zoltik is not afraid to get in fights and in fact enjoyed them greatly. With time, he has grown sadistic and takes pleasure from the pain of his enemies. Zoltik shows no regard for his victims and, as long as he is still getting paid, will do anything he was employed to.

Abilities Edit

Zoltik is a proficient engineer like all members of his species. However, he has rarely made use of these skills since founding SAM. His body is modified with cybernetic enhancements including artificial limbs and weaponry located directly inside his arms. Through genetic modification, he has increased his body size as well as the limit his muscles can work. His highly advanced armor makes him almost impervious to the weaponry used by law enforces such as the Niaka Special Forces and his physical strength allows him to take own the mightiest soldiers. His favorite weapons are dual vibroblades located on his arms, which can cut through armor with ease.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Blue faceGood, someone who agrees with me.

  • Kunni'ghan - Hell, I get a good laugh whenever he opens his mouth.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceYou got business with SAM? If not, get the hell off my sight.

Enemies Edit

Red faceIt's on!

  • Xerkea - You're impressive!
  • Tetra - Gotla's dead. Deal with it.
  • Nirta - Your people were always pathetically weak.
  • Zaharalei - You sure scare me with those buzzwords of yours.
  • Vekaron - Show me how strong you really are, will ya?

Quotes Edit

The strong prevail over the weak, yes. I wonder who's the weak one.

- Venoriel

So this is the man who razed Gotla. He'll get his comeuppance, I swear it in my people's name.

- Tetra

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