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I am Zillum, King of the Mortalitas, Master of the Outer Rim and bane to both Republic and Empire! This is my hour! And you will fall!

- Zillum before destroying Khuenaten during their final duel

Zillum is a male Mortalitas who serves as the self-styled Imperarch of the Great Star Dominion. Before his rise to galactic power, Zillum boasted an impressive service record in many important militaries, including that of the Imperial Alliance, the Confederacy of Allied Systems, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and most recently, the Cyrannian Imperial State. Zillum was a notorious figure in the Trucinex War, the Second Galactic War and most notably the Great Cyrannus War.

Considered to be one of the galaxy's most effective military commanders, Zillum is both respected and feared by his former colleagues in the Empire and indeed, by his contemporaries in other interstellar governments. During his exploits during the many armed conflicts he found himself fighting in, Zillum became an arch-nemesis to the Cretacea Family and is constantly looking out for ways to cause the family pain. Zillum is a multi-faceted individual, despite what his enemies would have you believe. Though he sees himself as being bred for combat and destruction, he is also a being of many entrenched principles and is known to abide by a very strict code of ethics that are known only to him.


Early Life[]

Zillum attacks two CSA ships.

Zillum's early life is clouded in history, though it is believed that he was born on the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse in 353 BNE. The first (known) traces of this mysterious character comes from the Trucinex War, where he emerged from the shadows along with his empire, the Mortalitas Empire to aid the Trucinex against the allied forces of the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

The Trucinex coordinated with the Mortalitas in order to organize attacks upon the CSA. General Zillum was tasked with coordinating the attacks, and the first one, conducted over a known CSA trade route was deemed to be the first target. Jumping out of hyperspace, the Mortalitas warships completely surprised the two CSA destroyers and destroyed them within moments. Zillum smiled, the CSA would fear him.

He reappeared engaging the allies on Tuacio, during the Second Galactic War. Alerted by this battle, the Imperial Captain Lizrawn and an Imperial fleet, the Mortalitas and the Imperials joined forces, but where forced to retreat, however this battle proved a symbolic victory against the allies, the Mortalitas joined the Imperial Alliance. His next major was the Battle of Capricaerón. Imperial intelligence reported that President Inviere and Senator Apollo were having a Presidental Debate in Libertopolos. General Zillum landed near the Presidental Palace and made his way there.

Zillum laying siege to Libertopolos during the Second Galactic War.

Zillum eventually kidnapped the two government officials, but they were soon freed by Republic forces. Meanwhile, the battle over the planet began to tilt in the favour of the Allies, which prompted Zillum to evacuate. He remained in the shadows for the duration of the war.

Intergalactic War[]

General Zillum was involved in many secret missions during the Intergalactic War, when the Mortalitas appeared to have disappeared from sight, causing many in the URC to worry that they have been preparing to strike against the Cyrannus Republic while they have been busy against the Cognatus Alliance. Near the end of the war, the Galactic Emperor allied with the Cognatus, and conspired with them against the URC, however, the Galactic Emperor knew all too well that the Cognatus would not honour the alliance. In anticipation for a betrayal, he sent Zillum to try to destabilize the Cognatus, who despite being very powerful, where ignorant and boastful of their power.

Before he could act however, he was sent to the Calithilaen System of the URC as part of the huge final battle, his personal mission; to find and capture President Apollo. When Zillum found Apollo, the two exchanged insults, and just as Zillum was about to make his move, Apollo shot a stun blast at him, temporarily stopping him. Angered, he took the Imperial Fleet and returned to the Empire’s space.

Post Intergalactic War

After the Intergalactic War, the Imperial Alliance collapsed, horrified, he promoted the construction of the newly formed Confederacy of Allied Systems, he gained a very prominent position in this new order becoming the unofficial ruler of the Mortalitas, after Lamorta stepped down., and as soon as the Great Cyrannus War began, he went on a hunt to kill Willelmus Cretacea, Apollo and all those closest to them. Officially, he was sent to invade the important Cyrandia colony of Cyranduas, however unofficially, he went to kill Cretacea's uncle who lived in a city on the planet. In a daring fit of rage, Zillum destroyed Cretacea's uncle and burned his house, just as his flagship was joined by a huge occupation fleet.

Great War[]

Zillum's corpse is reconstructed by Tyrómairon.

First Year of the Great War

During the early months of the Great Cyrannus War, Zillum was involved in the Battle of Cyroenia. His fleet attacked the two sides of the planet with a decoy fleet keeping the Republic flagship, the Alliance busy, while the Benevolent and the main attack force battled the Republic Fleet under command of Captain Janeaó. Zillum decided to cut off the fleets commander to the battle, Janeaó and so he unleashed the Benevolent's mighty cannons and ripped a hole in the Kathleen's hull, destroying it will all hands. However, the arrival of the Rambo foiled his plot to conquer the planet.

Zillum met with his friend, Moravilon at the Capital and received a dangerous new mission to blockade an important URC planet, Capricaerón. When they arrived at Capricaerón with a huge invasion fleet, Zillum decided to attack Libertopolos, the capital of Capricaerón, however upon arriving, he was ambushed by Cretacea and the Benevolent was slowly destroyed, without any means of fighting back, due to the fact that the turbolasers and engines were offline, as the Benevolent crashed into the ocean, Zillum was presumed dead.

Return from the Dead

Zillum’s last memory was of his ship being consumed by flames and then, darkness. Meanwhile, a mysterious ship approached the Benevolent’s crash site, however he was already dead. By some miracle, Zillum awoke as though he was awakened after a long sleep; he was on an unknown, deserted base on a mysterious ice planet with a ship with its navigation logs erased. Taking this ship he made his way toward Confederate space to be met with the greatest of surprises by Confederate officials, Zillum was now much larger, more powerful and more intimidating.

He arrived at Nosiso, a major CAS planet which was under attack by the URC in order to command a new ship constructed at the shipyards of Nosiso, located deep within the planet. He unveiled this new ship, the Malevolent during the battle, while keeping his real identity secret, completely crushing the Cyrandia Forces and causing them to retreat. He later came to Ralfian in order to finally reveal himself to Republic forces, destroying the entire army, but not before the URC managed to send a transmission to Republic Command, informing them of the return of Zillum.

Second Year

Over the past two months, High General Zillum of the Confederacy began engaging Republic forces across the Cyrannus Galaxy, leaving no trace of Republic Fleets that he attacked, nor any sign of both Zillum and his deadly new flagship, the Malevolent. Republic Intelligence however, tracked down Zillum orbiting a planet in the Outer Rim, apparently undergoing a refit. When they sent their most powerful ship, the Pride of the Core and a large fleet of URC/Rambo ships, they had no idea they were walking into a trap...

Zillum and his warriors surround the Senators.

It was believed that Zillum and his flagship were alone in the system, without Confederate reinforcements, but the fleet under the command of Supreme Admiral Nagala soon found this to be false, when she saw a huge CAS fleet protecting the Malevolent. Not one for backing away from a fight, she quickly ordered her fleet to engage. The battle was fierce and even resulted in a dogfight between the Malevolent and the flagship of the entire Republic fleet, the Pride of the Core. However, Zillum was once again victorious.

Zillum however, now waited patiently for top secret coordinates regarding the location of the URC's Senate Complex, from an unknown figure within the URC's hierarchy. After receiving them he attack the planet Corunnia and beamed down to it's surface along with many Mortalitas warriors to hold the URC's senators hostage. He was successful in doing this and killed three senators, while waiting for the URC to meet his demands. However, he was forced to escape, but not before setting a huge bomb that devastated the Senate. Zillum soon came to the planet of Ramaprica, which had just been liberated from the CAS by Cyrandia forces. Enraged, Zillum unleashed his turbolasers on the planet, turning it into an inhospitable lifeless ball.

Third Year

Zillum and Khuenaten face each other.

After a couple of weeks of inactivity, Zillum retired to his quarters on his flagship, the Malevolent. However, just as he was contacting the Confederate Congress to inform them of the recent events in the war a glowing orb of energy appeared in front of him. The orb spoke to him in a deep, booming voice that appeared to darken the entire room, the entity revealed itself to be Tyrómairon, Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur. Zillum refused to worship him, but was granted new Mornûnenduran Powers. Tyrómairon left Zillum to contemplate his new powers, abilities and plans.

Exiting hyperspace in the centre of Republic territory, Zillum began a series of assualts on many outlying systems. Using his flagship, the Malevolent, Zillum melted the crust of the planet Grecyar, turning it into a lifeless ball floating in space, choked with volcanic ash and roaring lava. Leading more and more attacks, he eventually landed on the planets himself, ruthlessly killing civilians, using both his new found Mornûnenduran energies and his blades. Despite the fact that these atrocities were shielded from the eyes of the Confederacy's citizens, the Republic was not speared and terrifying images of Zillum's onslaught and the ongoing blockade of the Perliama Run was a huge blow to moral for the good civilians and officers of the URC. Zillum was later ambushed, however luckily for him, he escaped the destruction of the Malevolent by using an escape pod.

Zillum fled to the CAS capital planet of Carindes, where he was contacted by Admiral Tyrant who informed him of an approaching Cyrannian Neraida fleet. A massive Grox fleet, unlike any ever seen approached the planet, where a massive battle raged. Zillum himself was ambushed by the twisted Commandant Khuenaten 78K5A42, who engaged him in a duel to the death. The duel was fierce, though Zillum was victorious, decapitating the Marinox. However, he was badly injured. Nevertheless, he began the final preparations.

The Battle of Orbispira.

Zillum then met with Chancellor Dasá and the mysterious figure, Tyrómairon. He was commanded to invade the Republic's capital of Orbispira and was told that a New Order was about to dawn. Taking the largest Confederate fleet ever seen, Zillum arrived at Orbispira and a massive battle broke out. Zillum meanwhile went to the surface, where he was almost successful in killing his arch-nemesis, Apollo. However, he was foiled by the unusual powers of Apollo's daughter, Kara.

Returning to his flagship, Zillum saw that gradually, the Republic was winning and was ordered to return to a secret rendezvous point. However, the Confederate fleet stayed, only to be defeated by a united fleet of Capricyránae. This fleet was revealed to be under the command of Tyrómairon, who landed and formed the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, declaring Apollo a traitor.

Dark Times[]

First Year

Venators and Imperial Star Destroyers enter the Quadrants.

Zillum returned to the secret rendezvous point, where he met with his ally Tyrant and the other leaders of the Confederacy. However, the Mornûnenduran acolyte, Meketanor arrived and began to murder the leaders, one by one. However, Tyrant and Zillum were spared this fate and willingly joined Tyrómairon's new Empire. Zillum was promoted to be the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy, effectively making him the leader of the Empire's naval forces. In the third month into Imperial rule, Zillum was given his new flagship, the Exactor, an Imperator-class Star Destroyer and was tasked with the invasion of the Quadrant Galaxies. When he entered the wormhole over Capricaerón, he arrived over the Rambo Capital, where a large Rambo fleet was stationed. When the battle ended, both sides faced heavy causalities, though the Empire was ultimately victorious. As he prepared for a land invasion, he frowned, knowing that most of the Rambo Fleet was away from the Capital at the time meaning that the battle is far from over, and it certainly wouldn't be an easy fight. Eventually, as the battle drove on, the Empire pushed Rambo the city of Tirithsilliana, home of the Rambo Royal Family. Bringing along former Confederate Governor Garlboz, Zillum and Nirndal managed to defeat the Rambo Military on the Capital, after a fierce fight. Zillum, Garlboz and Nirndal eventually landed on a platform on the Rambo Capital Planet, where he confronted Empress Ramashe, asking her for her surrender. Ramashe saw that she had no other choice, and met with Tyrómairon, signing the Nim-Glaré Concordat, the surrender of Rambo Nation. However, Zillum was pleased to learn that the war with the Rambo was far from over, with the majority of the Rambo military forces still loyal to the Nation.

Zillum, Garlboz and Nirndal corner Ramashe.

However, unfortunately for Zillum within a month, most of the Rambo military eventually joined with the Empire. However, he knew that some still support the old ways, preparing his flagship for battle soon.

Second Year

When the rest of the year 01 NE passed without conflict, Zillum began to grow bored at the lack of fighting in the Quadrant Galaxies. However, he was soon called to Cyroenia back in Cyrannus, where he was awarded the newest flagship of the Imperial Navy, the Executor, a massive thirty kilometre long Star Dreadnought that can crush nearly all potential enemies. Pleased, he took the Executor back to the Quadrant Galaxies, where the Emperor had a fiendish mission for him to secure the Quadrants under Imperial rule.

Zillum decided to attack the Hutter planet of Tigma IV, quickly crushing the defence fleet in orbit and proceeding to bombard the planet from orbit. As a final insult to Hutter investigators, and in the hopes that they would cease their attacks, Zillum carved the Imperial Insignia in Tigma IV's surface. Overall, billions of innocent lives were taken that day by the evil Mortalitas.

Third Year

Zillum continued his campaigns in the Quadrant Galaxies in the third year of Imperial rule. During the first month of the year, Zillum contacted the famed bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa and commanded him to assassinate the wife of his arch-enemy, Gianne Inviá. Despite taking over four weeks, Gauisa was successful, killing Gianne with a single shot. Zillum was pleased and hoped that his new tactic of destroying Apollo emotionally would be more successful than destroying him physically. Several months later, Zillum was reassigned to the Cyrannus Galaxy to lead the campaign against the Confederacy of Free Planets.

Zillum joins the Cyrannian Imperial State.

However, Zillum was growing significantly more unpopular among Imperial Command back on Orbispira. Having enough of Zillum's war crimes, Command sent Venatorius and Grand Admiral Palenix to the Executor to arrest the Imperial Admiral. Expecting an Imperial response to his actions, Zillum had already worked out an escape plan, cutting down any Imperial insight on his way to his personal shuttle, where he disabled the Executor, allowing him to escape into the unknown, with revenge on his mind.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

Eventually, Zillum came into contact with Tyermaillin, the newly self-proclaimed Imperator of the Basileus, who managed to recruit Zillum into joining the newly formed Cyrannian Imperial State. Eager for revenge against the Empire, Zillum agreed to join and soon ascended to one of the highest positions in the Navy of the Imperial State. As an homage to his fallen flagship during the Battle of Capricaerón, Zillum gained command over the upgraded Mortalitas Dreadnought he dubbed Benevolent II. Zillum led his mighty new flagship to victory during the New Cyrandia Wars's opening battle over his homeworld of Moreuse, which led to Zillum arresting his wife Moch-Na and proclaiming himself King of the Mortalitas.

Despite Zillum's impressive victory in several campaigns of the war, he faced failure over the Saurornithantan homeworld of Carinateron, where he was unable to defeat the Imperial fleet under the command of his former friend Carandial. However, he did manage to capture Grand Admiral Bri'sa'tana, housing him in the same prison on Moreuse where he imprisoned his wife.

Zillum and Tyrant duel.

While in his Palace on Moreuse, Zillum sensed a strange occurrence on the Outer Rim world of Phaedron. Without informing the Imperial State, he took a private shuttle to the world, curious as to why he felt drawn to it. To his anger, he discovered that the Mornûnenduran Acolyte known as Venatorius had also be drawn to the planet resulting in a vicious duel between them. Despite being evenly matched, Zillum managed to gain the upperhand, clamping down on Venatorius' neck with his massive jaws. However, to his horror he was banished from the planet by an Mornûnenduran Lord known as Mormumadain.

Battle of Tyranikus

Do not take me as a fool. I am no pawn, Tyrant. But you - you - are a pawn of the Empire and so are your people. I do not wish to fight you of all people, but if you stand in my way, then I will not hold back."
"I'd be ashamed if you did!''

- Zillum and Tyrant shortly before their duel.

As the fourth month of the war began, Zillum led a fleet of State vessels in a massive attack against the Tiranozark homeworld of Tyranikus during which he clashed with the defending Imperial fleet. Upon disabling the Imperial flagship, Zillum was shocked to learn that his oldest ally Tyrant was fighting against him on behalf of the Empire. A vicious duel ensued between the two, during which they discussed old times while locked in combat against each other. Ultimately, Zillum emerged victorious but spared Tyrant's life, instead offering him the chance to join the Imperial State and fight against the Empire. Agreeing with his old friend, Tyrant turned his turbolasers against the Imperial fleet over Tyranikus, ending the battle in a clear State victory.

Battle of Imperavelli

Zillum fights against Khuenaten.

Over the next several months, Zillum and Tyrant became the key bane to Imperial forces in the northern sectors of the Outer Rim, winning colossal victories while the State in the south near Vasuband languished. Disagreeing with Tyermaillin over the next target, Zillum and Tyrant soon decided on an invasion of the Imperial world Imperavelli, sparking the devastating Battle of Imperavelli. During the battle, Zillum and Tyrant personally led the ground invasion, bringing them into conflict with elite Imperial Wardroids and a Cavaneu Inquisitor, though the two admirals managed to defeat them. When the battle ended, Zillum sensed that Tyermaillin was still rather annoyed at the actions of the two generals, resulting in a rift developing between Zillum and the government on Vasuband.

The Final Duel

And thus we come to it at last. I will end what was started on Carindes all those years ago.
"You. Revenge. Destroy you and all you hold dear. You will learn to fear me."
"Hinder me? With fear? Mechanical fool.''

- Zillum and Khuenaten prior to their final duel.

Deep in the Outer Rim, Zillum and Tyrant were on-board the Benevolent when they heard of a Neraida invasion on the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse. Upon arriving at the planet, a brief space battle ensued, during which Neraida probes managed to board Zillum's mighty dreadnought. Emerging from these probes was a large contingent of drones led by one of Zillum's most hated enemies, the Cyrannian Marinox known as Khuenaten who had been revived after his death during the Battle of Carindes during the Great Cyrannus War.

While Zillum dealt with the battle in space, he dispatched Tyrant to destroy the drone though ultimately even the mighty Tiranozark failed. Filled with rage, Zillum himself drew the Marinox to the ship's hypermatter reactor, where the two duelled viciously. Though Khuenaten initially had the upper hand, the fact that the drone was full of anger to the point of malfunction allowed Zillum to gain ground, leading to the Mortalitas King tossing his nemesis into the reactor, atomizing him.

However, immediately prior to being disintegrated Khuenaten managed to throw his vibroblade at Zillum, impaling him in the chest and damaging several of his vital organs. Though seriously injured, Zillum used the pain to focus his anger and strength and would ultimately decide to use these wounds to sharpen both his will to survive and his will to conquer. Upon arriving at the bridge of the Benevolent, he was infuriated to see that the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had arrived over the planet with the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, a vast superweapon capable of obliterating an entire planet. Speaking with Grand Mandator Taev Voseatiur, Zillum swore that though the State might soon fall, so too would the Empire before taking what remained of his fleet into hyperspace.

Zillum fights Admiral Cretacea one final time.

Soon afterwards, he discussed the recent events with an injured Tyrant, with the two intent on making their own way in the universe separate from the will of the Basileus. Zillum and his forces soon fled to the unknown reaches of the Quadrant Galaxies, watching from afar as the Imperial State collapsed into nothing. Over the next ten years, he built a new power base anchored on the superweapon Galvarus, which became known as the Great Star Dominion.

Second Great War[]


As the Imperarch of the Great Star Dominion, Zillum watched in anticipation as the Cyrandia Cluster descended into the chaos of the Second Great Cyrannus War, sparked when the Empire annihilated the Mou'Cyran system, decapitating the political leadership of the New Republic in one fell swoop. Nearly three years later, the Imperial onslaught against Republic space forced the surrender of President Zare'Anne's government, and in the aftermath, Apollo and his forces fled to the Cogsangui homeworld Cognalorilos, only to find Zillum and his new Dominion waiting for them.

Striking quickly with the full might of the Dominion, Zillum boarded the Republica, made his way to the bridge and fought against his old nemesis Willelmus Cretacea, driving his sword through his chest. Before he could turn his blade on Apollo, however, the mysterious entity Gorf intervened, sacrificing himself and teleporting the Republic survivors to the remnants of their fleet. In the aftermath, Zillum consolidated his forces and prepared for his invasion of Imperial territory. Almost a year later, he finally struck, conquering much of the Mortiol Cluster in one fell swoop.

Personality and Traits[]

Zillum is a cold and merciless Mortalitas with absolutely no mercy toward his adversaries, especially since his supposed death at the Battle of Capricaerón during the Great Cyrannus War's first year. When he mysteriously returned in a new body, his fighting prowess was greatly enhanced and he became one of the most proficient swordsmen in the entire First Gigaquadrant, not to mention the Cyrannus Galaxy. Since his revival, he has been labelled by some of the most senior Cyrandia officials, and later those of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, as an unstoppable force of nature, who was certainly not afraid of using brutal tactics to achieve his goals.

Despite what Cyrandian Propaganda would have the public believe, Zillum is a highly intelligent skilled tactician who often employs the use of chaotic and random battle strategies in order to confuse his enemies in carefully calculated manoeuvres to ensure his constant upper-hand in battle. However, despite his brutal tactics, Zillum never underestimates the enemy and is a master of military tactics, carefully studying an enemy's known tactics and exploiting weaknesses before the battle's beginning. During conflicts in which the odds are against him, he does not allow foolhardiness get the better of him and has been known to order a tactical retreat rather than waste resources in an unwinnable bout.

Zillum is well aware of the fear he inspires in both his enemies and his allies and is a believer that terror is a useful tool in controlling the weak and shaping them to the will of the strong, namely himself. The only individuals who could claim to have an insight into the inner workings of Zillum's mind are his estrained wife Moch-Na, who Zillum later claimed to have never loved and merely used to their marriage to attain a higher status in Mortalitas society, and Tyrant, the Tiranozark who is arguably the closest thing Zillum has to a friend, though given his distinctly anti-social personality, this relationship is likely not a friendship in the traditional sense of the word.

After being seriously injured during his final duel with Khuenaten, rather than seek medical attention, Zillum instead focused the intense pain coursing through his damaged flesh and shattered chest into abject rage, focusing it in an ultimately successful attempt to augment his strength of both body and will.



Mortalitas Dreadnought .png

The Benevolent is a massive Mortalitas Dreadnought originally commissioned as the Pride of Moreuse in 06 BNE before being renamed in 03 NE to the Benevolent after the infamous ship used by Zillum during the Second Galactic War and the early stages of the Great Cyrannus War before being destroyed during the Battle of Capricaerón. Officially known as the Benevolent II, the Dreadnought's surface is dotted with heavy weapons emplacements capable of piercing through the shields and hulls of enemy vessels, including some of the largest fielded by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel is an elongated main communications and sensor pod, which holds Zillum's private chambers where he keeps mementos of battles and wars past.

The Benevolent is arguably the most infamous ship in the Cyrannus Galaxy, even more-so than the far larger Imperatore commanded by Carandial due to the sheer ferocity with which Zillum wields this giant stellar predator. The second-in-command of the Benevolent is a Lizardian known as Lizamalignan, a dark sage who has served Zillum loyally since the Second Galactic War. These two figures are feared by most of the crew of the Benevolent, though Zillum in particular inspires abject terror.

Battle History




Blue face.pngSpeak. I will listen.

  • Tyrant: A friend of old and one who should continue to prove his worth.
  • Lizaconda: Where are you hiding, Lizardian?

Orange face.pngMost impressive.

  • Tyrómairon: You are no fool.
  • Willelmus Cretacea: I long to face you in combat again, Libertus. Next time, you shall be the one to fall.
  • Apollo: Weak. But underestimating him has led to my defeat on numerous occasions. His power lies in his voice and mind, not in his fists.


Yellow face.pngDo not try my patience.


Red face.pngI will crush you into dust.

  • Khuenaten: I will strike you down, no matter how many times you get back up.
  • Venatorius: Weak slave of the Emperor.


Fantastic, a crazed rebel with a personal vendetta.

- Apollo

A sinister tyrant. Next time I will put him down for good!

- Willelmus Cretacea

One does not simply leave the fold, Mortalitas. You have a role to play yet.

- Tyrómairon

An excellent commander with our ideals, could we have an alliance with him?

- Gongnores Slaki of the Tyrek Empire


- Zr'Ahgloth

A great warrior that is well deserved of his titles and accolades but still I am the better warrior!

- Master Admiral Tul

A frightening commander, his skills are well feared throughout our Nation, and his skills in battle can only be matched by the most experienced captains. In Rambo Nation we say, if you didn't fought in battle before, do not face Zillum as he will tear you apart.

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard of Rambo Nation

Identified. Remembered. Permanently imprinted. Continued existence is unacceptable.

- Khuenaten

Zillum... be thankful our paths never crossed. I would make you squirm in terror in my tendrils and force you to bow to true power!

- Mar-Júun

Seriously, this guy's bloody mental. Stay the heck away from me.

- Kithworto

He betrayed the one who gave him his powers! My Lord only needs to give me one command, and I will dismember every limb from his body, slowly and paunfully!

- Meketanor

Our sources suggest that he is fond of the taste of kittens, but otherwise we are unaware of anything interesting.

- Apalos

You want war... I can give you glory... I can give you bloodshed... I can give you anything you want... The Mistress of War has many gifts to you...

- Divin-Ra

ORDER? EMPIRE? WAR? Are you kidding me, little Mortalitas? Power is the only true goal.

- Agnassana


- Khazurhal Angazhar

A highly respected warrior among our people,let's hope we can keep relations up with his warriors

- Ugandalore the Great

Imagine; if he dies, we can Zarnify his corpse, and we will have one of the universes greatest commanders under our power...

- Overlord Kranov

You disgust me. If someone hadn't already ended my species, you would have found yourself a food world. Ugh.

- Lion

Zillum is the best warrior I've ever and a long time friend. Or at least, I consider him a friend. Sometimes I wonder whether the feeling is mutual.

- Tyrant



  • Zillum is Cyrannian's oldest antagonist, dating back to early 2009.
  • Zillum's nasty disposition has become a meme with the SporeWiki Community, often leading to jokes about his fondness for eating kittens.
  • OluapPlayer considers Zillum the most frightening villain in Cyrannus, even more-so than Tyrómairon.


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