Zelfron III, codename The Muscle, is a member of UNOC, making him one of the Unified Nation of Ottzello's greatest soldiers. A cybernetically-enhanced warrior with combat styles similar to a ninja, Zelfron III has incredible strength, speed, agility and skill with his sword, as well as being the perfect spy, scout and stealth soldier. He is a clone of Zelfron, who was a member of the Blyro'Tralzorca, but does not a connection with them. He has cybernetic implants both of ordinary UNOC soldiers, and the Draconid Imperium, and when combined his supernatural strength makes him an almost unbeatable foe.

Zelfron III's artificial muscles and vibroblade make him able to tear apart foes with rapid speed. With his speed, Zelfron III can outrun almost any organic or non-organic being without being stopped, with only Lupercal in UNOC being able to outrun him in UNO. is similar to the original Zelfron and a Draconis soldier in personality.



Zelfron III was created from the very same genes UNO had obtained from Zelfron, before Zelfron I went rogue. When Zelfron II was developed by The Divinarium, the Unified Nation worked with the Divinarium to create their own Zelfron. The Draconid Imperium, allies of both, were interested, and many Draconis sent designs and ideas for cybernetic implants, which both races perfected together using UNO's nanotechnology. The result was a soldier that has been described as the perfect warrior.


Zelfron III was a project that took a lot of time and thought to develop. The project had many issues, with some cybernetic implants not working as well as they should have. However, at this time, the UNOC unit was being developed, and Zelfron III was completed using the technology that the UNOC unit was using. As a result, Zelfron III was finalised with UNOC technology, and it was decided that Zelfron III would be a member of UNOC. The UNOC technology combined with that of the 912th legion makes Zelfron III superior to any soldier with a similar role.

Second Borealis War[]

The UNOC project was begun in the Coming of the Vague era of the Second Borealis Galactic War, when Zelfron III would see his first activity.



Zelfron III has the personality of 912th soldiers and that of the original Zelfron. This makes him highly disciplined, confident and determined, and also gives him memories of the conflicts both participated in, giving him artificial combat experience. Zelfron III is ruthless, and shows little compassion for his foes, although he does respect those he's killed.


Due to looking almost completely cybernetic, Zelfron III is more machine than Telzoc. He is a menacing looking humanoid figure made of metallic skin, but rarely shows his face, often covering it with a 'shield' in combat. He is also capable of using cloaking technology, though it is not as great as that of The Eye.


Zelfron III's main weapon of choice is a vibroblade; a blade resonating at high frequencies. The weapon is as strong as a chainsaw, and can also gather temperature as it's used, making it slice even better.

Zelfron III's cybernetic implants make him almost completely robotic. The 912th implants give him carbon-fibre laced skeleton, improved cognative thinking and increased regeneration. The UNOC implants include giving him metallic, artificial skin, artificial blood, nanomachines capable of regeneration as well as improving muscle performances, as well as several brain implants, allowing easy calculation of attacks, command of armies, greater focus and the ability to scan muscles to predict attacks.


Zelfron III's cybernetic implants, disciplined training and artificial combat experience (coming from the memory of 912th legion soldiers and the original Zelfron) makes him a formidable foe, with incredible mastery of combat techniques. Zelfron is capable of tracking enemies based on very little evidence of where they once were, using forensic science technologies (detective science) and thermal vision.

In terms of strength, Zelfron III is the third strongest in UNOC, behind Thr'aloy and Vailisa. He is also the second fastest, behind Lupercal, and second most stealthy, behind Kalcedia Myran. Many have described him as an 'all-rounder member' for these reasons, though this is inaccurate, as Zelfron III's role is very unique, as are all of UNOC's individual roles.



Blue face.pngI fight together with my friends!

  • UNOL - My superiors.
  • UNOC - Brothers.
    • Thr'aloy - Your style of combat...is too brutish, and not efficient.
    • Durzhan - Funny to think I would work with the Tralzorca once again.
    • Commandant Darwishi - You are very...enthusiastic.
    • Vaktyl - Your troubled past is evident.
    • Vailisa - Very brutish. Yet very tough.
    • Ghalan Elshan - Silent and swift with a rifle, but not a blade.
    • Lupercal - Very determined.


Yellow face.pngNothing to say. You're either with me, against me, or have no stance with me.

  • None currently


Orange face.pngYou will be dealt with quickly.

  • Zelfron - My heretical, misguided father.
  • Knar'gank - You should work on your techniques.


Too much me.

- Zelfron II


- Kolossus



  • Created by both Monet47 and Technobliterator, who both worked on the concept and Spore creation
  • Inspired by Raiden's cyborg ninja form from the Metal Gear series
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