Zelfron, mostly known as Zelfron I to differentiate him from his clones, is the most famed captain and leader of the zealous Telzoc. He is a high ranking member of the Blyro'Tralzorca, a cult which serves the Vyro'Ralza, and while feigning support for Spode, has worked with Durzhan in secret to fulfil his bidding.

Zelfron is a focused and single-minded warrior, who has become legendary for his strengths in combat with his martial arts, with using his energy sword and his blaster. Zelfron was a servant of the Blyro'Tralzorca after being orphaned in his youth, whose skills as a warrior earned the attention of Durzhan. He later fought valiantly for the Telzoc and for the Ottzello Galaxy, before mysteriously vanishing. Later, the Unified Nation of Ottzello learned that Zelfron had been a servant of the Blyro'Tralzorca all this time, leading them to cut ties with him, but to keep his DNA.

Zelfron also has two clones; Zelfron II, a leader of The Divinarium's forces, and Zelfron III, a member of Unified Nation of Ottzello Commandos.


Early lifeEdit

Zelfron was orphaned at a young age, after his mother died in childbirth while suffering from an illness, and his father later passed away from starvation. The only way to escape this was through the Blyro'Tralzorca cult, whose power in the galaxy was only expanding. Zelfron enlisted in the Telzoc military and became a very skilled swordsman.

Zelfron fought against many smaller Loron factions and overcame them, and often fought and almost singlehandedly won battles for the Telzoc. This earned the attention of Durzhan, who made him an offer: if Zelfron directly served Durzhan's interests, he would be granted higher positions of power within the Telzoc that would be otherwise unobtainable, and eventually become the leader of his species.

Zelfron became the greatest captain in the Ottzello Galaxy and a close ally of the Galot Republic, taking on space pirates, Loron factions and many criminals throughout the galaxy.

Ottzello warsEdit

When the First Ottzello Galactic War came, Zelfron fought valiantly with his allies, the Galot Republic. At one point, he was almost killed by Zr'Ahgloth, before Durzhan kept him alive believing he was still useful. He then helped Titanozor along with Valzo during the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello, and fought and survived against Thr'aloy.

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, Zelfron fought against the Kralgon Invasion Force, but was seemingly killed. Instead, he took his species into exile, and formed alliances with the Radeon, followers of Spode who had been fooled into believing that the Telzoc were also Spode followers. This allowed him to return with their help in the Third Ottzello Galactic War to rejoin the United Nations of Ottzello.

New Telzoc pathEdit

The Telzoc mysteriously vanished shortly after the Unified Nation of Ottzello was founded. However, during the Coming of the Singularity, the Telzoc declared that their Spode worship was a mask, and that they were in fact followers of the Vyro'Ralza. Zelfron then became a leader of the Blyro'Tralzorca military along with Durzhan, and would fight against his former allies.

Zelfron's had been kept by the Radeon, who were able to successfully clone him twice without his Vyro'Ralza alleigances. They created Zelfron II for The Divinarium, and Zelfron III for the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



Zelfron has always been known to mask much of his appearance and worn thick clothing covering much of his body and face. Zelfron is more physically built than most other Telzoc, and is a large figure, though little is known about his hidden facial appearance beneath his outfits.


Zelfron is known to be extremely single-minded and focused in his goals. In battle, he often thinks about little else, honing on his technique. His goal has often been to better himself to overcome any challenge he cannot face. It was previously suspected that his mysterious vanishes were self-imposed exile in shame, though it was later learned instead he merely sought to achieve more power from Durzhan.


Zelfron's most common pieces of equipment are his energy sword and blaster. He makes frequent use of his sword to carve up not only organic opponents, but larger vehicles and structures, as his sword can pierce through most metals.


Zelfron makes frequent use of Dark Chronoscopic powers to speed up his own movements and outmanoeuvre his foes.


Version IEdit

Zelfron I is the original Zelfron, and a Vyro'Ralza puppet. He is believed to be hidden somewhere in the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy.

Version IIEdit

An identical clone of Zelfron, Zelfron II is the leader of the Telzoc in The Divinarium, and is a Dei'Ar Predictor Advisor, meaning a Divinarium military commander. Zelfron is highly respected by the Radeon, as he served the old Dei'Ar Theocracy well, and they have high expectations he will do so for the Divinarium. He was sent to the Borealis Galaxy to aid UNO by the Divinarium during the Second Borealis Galactic War.

Version IIIEdit

Zelfron III is a cyborg clone of Zelfron, whose skill allows him to be a cyborg ninja. He carries with him little weapons, with his weapon of choice being a vibroblade. Zelfron III is a more disciplined Zelfron, and is a member of Unified Nation of Ottzello Commandos, making him one of their greatest warriors.



  • Originally, Zelfron was a basic heroic character but was rarely used in fiction. At first, Technobliterator, his creator, planned to kill Zelfron off, before handing him to TheImperios as he was a Spode follower. Later, when the idea came around that the Telzoc did not actually worship Spode, but worshipped the Vyro'Ralza in secret, Zelfron was used again.


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