The Reality is too complex to the mortals understandig, said someone... I am the living proof that this is not all true.

- Zein Zatock

Zein Zatock, currently better known like The Researcher, is a former Giomus that became into an ascendis and a member of the League of Patrons.


Early HistoryEdit

Zein was born in some place in another universe. Around his five years, abandoned and orphaned, he was found on the port planet Baneran with Vankalian Carssarian, who take him under his care, becoming his adopted brother. Subsequently, Zein's uncontrollable powers caused the tragic death of their new parents.

For several years, Zein became a scholar, investigated, searched, researched, until he was able to master their unusual powers. That's when he recived a strange telepathic message, a vision that revealed the inevitable end of the universe in which he lived. Zein reported his vision to his brother, who, after being convinced, helped him escape Baneran Mafia, and depart on a crusade to inform the galactic government of this great danger.

Superior GuruEdit

After visiting many dangerous planets, meet various species, and fighting countless enemies, Zein and Vankalian reached the group of planets known as Alfa, the most affluent and educated in the galaxy. It was there that they met Aranelia Brinal, who would join his crusade for her own reasons.

Once in Caster, the capital of the Federation, Vankalian, Araneila and Zein, appeared before the Senate's vision Zein, who managed to convince the Senate that was not intoxicated nor had hallucinations, this event was the trigger for the Great Ring War , at which time appoint Zein Superior Guru.

Die and AscensionEdit

Zein dies, or historians assumed that, when in the last minute of the Great Ring War, falls inside a wormhole. This in fact is not what actually happened, the unstable wormhole throw Zein to another universe, more than hundreds thousand years before the arrival of his countrymen. There Zein using their powers over there survived essence and achieve ascension.

No one knows exactly how, but it is known that hundreds thousand years ago and was ascension way took Zein (alought he claims to have used the path of enlightenment), allowing him to join to the legendaries Isio'Nar.

Member of the Iso'NarEdit

"Being discussed"

The ResearcherEdit

As The Researcher, Zein spent most of his time making patrons common work. He has under his care the job to make all the possible peapole in the Gigaquadrant advance with the enlightment to the ascension. Anyway, Zein is the less interested patron in the idea of that, preferring to lead mortals from the shadows to fulfill its main objective, the elimination of the yoke of the omnipotents.

He is known for make a lot of meetings with some many important scientists in the universe, always following his mysterius agenda to make his even darker objective.


Solomon is the "home" of Zein, it is a moon of the giant gas Arcana. Is bassically a giant scientific station used by Zein as a base.


The surface of the moon is a barren desert with some active volcanoes, which could indicate seismic activity, which is quite artificial.

No structure exists on the surface of Solomon, with the exception of a ziggurat-shaped building, where there is access to the interior of the moon. Once in the ziggurat, the subject attempts to enter is scanned, cleaned and sent by teleportation into the moon. Inside there is an amalgam of studio facilities of fundamental physics, biology in extreme habitats, essence and its uses, extreme energy and intelligence development.


The Jungle, a huge "savage paradise" where, from high-tech climate control, different environments where dwell strange beasts, most dangerous and strange powers related to the essence. There are dozens of these strange animals in the jungle, which makes this very dangerous territory, especially for beings who lack combat training. Moreover, in The Jungle is very easy to get lost, which makes the visitor easy prey for predators.

The Lab, a large laboratory where we study advanced particle physics and high energy physics, is notable for being riddled with high-tech devices and a giant particle collider. Is studied within the Lab's largest and most advanced technology, some brought from different parts of the universe, others created right there, especially deicated to the relationship between subatomic particles and cosmic scale objects.

The Temple is a structure created as a channeler of elemental energy. The structure appears to be a pocket universe that does not obeys the laws of physics gigaquadrant but appears to be a miniature version of the astral plane. Who enter in this building experiences the existence of a different universe, in which the thoughts and wishes come true.
Apparently, this place is the rest place of the Researcher.

The Son of Helios, a huge power generator that is located in the center of the moon, it is unknown what kind of fuel is fed.


The main inhabitants of Solomon are ascendis minions that take droids-shape, created by Zein's thoughts to continue his research while he is performing tasks of a patron. They are Zein's minions, created by him when he was a member of the Iso'Nar. The leader of these is called "Headache", by the feelings that you have if you talk for more than ten minutes with him.



Zein Zatock is very similar to other non-ascended Giomus, except that he has bright blue eyes, the feathers of the back are much larger and his body tends to emit a yellow light. His skin has changed a lot, being sky blue instead yellow. He also has numerous strange formation of an unknown material that growed on his wrists and calves.


Zein is often incomprehensible and erratic, some even consider him eccentric and strange. He enjoys doing jokes and mental games even in crisis moments. He is also some egocentric and usually thinks that he is over most of the mortals and, despite being a functional and active member of the League of Patrons, is not particularly cooperative with them except in extreme situations. Anyway he has help some mortals in their trip to the wisdom.

Zein Zatock philosophy is not very difficult to decipher. His only real goal is to achieve what he calls "the maximum enlightenment" that is, achieving the absolute fullness of knowledge, which would thus reach the fullness of power. For obvious reasons this is impossible to do this in a mortal life, so Zein had to ascend and renounce the embrace of death in order to achieve his objective.

Zein believes that the universe exists in an order determined by something or someone, and seeks to decipher that order at any cost, at the same time try to follow his ideals of old, during his mortal life, in other words, do good towards one noble cause. Zein has showed that he is very rebel too, because his most important objective is get free from the Game of Existence.


Due being an acendis, Zein has a wide range of powers at his disposal. Most of these powers are generated from his elemental energy control and all its possible variations, which makes him a formidable foe in battle. The Zein's powers are generally based on the use of the internal energy of the body and its projection to the physical world and its ability to transcend the concept of space-time so he can disappear, be in several places at a time, move faster than light, create wormholes etc.

Some of his powers include the preconscience, the astral proyection, shoot energy beams, control the elemental energy in the enemy body, create shields and move between the dimensions. Also he has the power of the telepathy, heavy reality warping in small scale, generate really smalls supernovas and create something similar that the ascendis slaves.



Green face:"The enlightenment awaits you"

  • Anaxu Zatock - Sometimes the light need more adepts...
  • Vankalian - Brother, I am wating for you.
  • Aranelia Brinal- Aranelia, good job.
  • Edelmut Ren - Pupil, you have much to learn.
  • League of Patrons - Partners, together we fight for the good and the light!
    • Ku-Rokti - One of the most enlighted beings in this universe...
    • Ufo'talla - Justice is wisdom.
    • Kif’Rellaka - Our goals are the same, but he is a bit... twisted.
    • Krilok - Protection, defense, stand over the shadows!
    • Da Propa Awzome Peep - A bit... Loron, just Loron.
    • Alikos - Humans...
    • Zof'farus - You will make your race powerful.
    • Marius Yecron - "An old foe turned ally? Intriguing."


Blue face: "Let the enlightenment guide you"


Yellow face "Uhm, hello..."

  • Isio'Nar - I really don't know if was the right choice.
  • Omnipotents - Your rule over the universe must fall in the way to the freedom.


Orange face "You are filling my patience"


Red face "The light of the wisdom will destroy you"

  • Dominion of the Xhodocto - The darkness... must be... content.
    • Xhodocto - Infinite... infinite darkness... impossible... illogical... the nothing itself!
    • Zanu'Paxka - The conquerors... the conquerors must be stopped.
    • Rethex'Kalik - Pain... desolation... the path to the oblivion...
    • Vyro'Ralza - The time... the end... the end of all...
    • Corruptus - Demons... I hate the demons...
    • Mali'Nar - Their voices... their voices are... in my head...
    • Xi'Arazulha - Death will fall.



The universe always has been dominated by God or Gods, inmortal and nearly all powerful beings have dominated our picks from the dawn of reality. Now, throght the light of the wisdom, we could choice our destiny...

I've never, ever, ever know an evil so dangerous that the demons which plaguing the Gigaquadrant

The evilness, the opression, the tyrants are a plague... The enlightment are the cure


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He is, by far, the most powerful, wise and kind man in all the Federation history.

- Aranelia Brinal

Very smart and fairly sane, but also very weird. Most importantly his ways and philosophy are desirable for us.

- Kvasir of the Troodontid Empire

It is an honor to fight alongside, and more importantly, work alongside, brother.

- Krilok


  • Zein Zatock was planned like a story character three years ago.
  • Zein's policy it is the known motto of the king Solomon.
  • Zein's personality is based on the personality of Toth, the egyptian god of the knowledge, acordig to Rick Riordan.
  • This could be a musical theme for Zein.

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The madness is just another kind of sanity.
The sanity of an insane person.
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