I have seen it all foretold before my very eyes. The end. The end of empires, wars, and politics. The end of worlds, stars, and life. All of it is coming to an end, whether you fight to stop it or not. Only those without limits can ever hope to achieve such an epic accomplishment as to rule over the expanse of darkness and preserve it. That is why you will fail should you try to resist or oppose me, pitiful creature. Mere animals are nothing compared to a pure, limitless being. A true entity without restraints, weaknesses. You cannot understand, and that is your greatest shortcoming.

- Zarkhator Prime

Zarkhator Prime, otherwise addressed as the Sovereign, Zarkhator the First and many other titles, was the sole survivor of an ancient precursor race that once thrived throughout the Borealis Galaxy and was the creator of the Zarkhator race as well as the founder, and ruler, of its civilization. A timeless, immortal entity, Zarkhator Prime had resided within the galaxy for five billion years, having once fought against the ancient Kormacvar civilization prior being rendered as an immortal being as punishment for opposing them. A significant user of what appears to be essence and a highly intellectual creature with an impressive range of knowledge, Zarkhator Prime considered himself and his "children" above the other races of Borealis and strove for the subjugation of modern civilization and complete ownership of all technology left behind by the ancient Kormacvar.

Considered to be akin to a god by his people, Zarkhator Prime indulged in the many aspects of regality and enjoyed the attention he gained from his position and status wholeheartedly, yet remained attensive of the desires and needs of his people and sought to provide for them as much as he provided for himself, believing that rulers and leaders should serve their people and not vice versa. With enigmatic intentions and an ascending hyperpower within his grasps, Zarkhator Prime was one of the largest present threats to the integrity of Borealis politics and society during the early Ice Age, regarded by many in the Polar Crystal Alliance to be a dangerous criminal that required immediate opposition. Zarkhator Prime boasted a terrifying ego and a fascination, if not outright obsession, with the Kormacvar, with whether he despised or admired them being unclear.



While the exact origins of Zarkhator Prime are unknown to many, including himself, he is known to have been present during the golden age of the Kormacvar civilization. Zarkhator Prime, prior to creating the Zarkhator race, was contained within a pocket universe prison created by the Kormacvar after having been rendered immortal by them as a punishment for, according to modern sources such as Mechanic and Arkarixus, war crimes and insurrection against the Kormacvar's imperial regime. While imprisoned within the pocket universe, he was deprived of communication and maintained in absolute isolation aside from a modified Alvino that he would come to call Mukharduuild which kept him company, causing him to spend his sentence expanding upon his psyche and attempting to drive away insanity. As a result of spending such a long time outside of the primary universe and possibly some psychological tampering on part of the Kormacvar, Zarkhator Prime forgot nearly all of his memories prior to his imprisonment and began to hold a particular resentment, yet fascination, with the Kormacvar, eventually coming to accept them as the ultimately superior creature.

At some point, during the Kormacvar's downfall that was caused by the appearance of the Borealis Grox and the Vyro'Ralzora, Zarkhator Prime had either escaped his imprisonment or was released from it by pure mistake on part of the Kormacvar's enemies, after which he and the now-matured Mukharduuild went into hiding in order to observe the Kormacvar's reign collapsing upon themselves. Sometime after his liberation from the pocket universe prison, Zarkhator Prime began to formulate plans and ideas in order to apparently "save" the Borealis Galaxy after having uncovered a horrifying discovery, founding the Zarkhator civilization in the ashes of the Kormacvar and his own race, which had been absent from the ancient galactic map for eons by this point. Zarkhator Prime, as he now officially identified himself, soon came into persistent conflict with the Borealis Grox and was present at the time of the ascension of Regnatus.

Zarkhator Prime found his new civilization reduced to ashes and dust repeatedly over the course of five billion years due to the Borealis Grox's reign over the galaxy, inciting anger and wrath into Zarkhator's being although eventually he had come to accept that, even if he were to oppose him, Regnatus was Kormacvar in heritage and origin and thus already superior to himself in almost every way, evoking Zarkhator Prime's interest in the Kormacvar even further. It is thought that the constant destruction of the Zarkhator civilization was thought to have been caused by their repeated emergence from wherever they remained in hiding to either defend primitive worlds from the Grox's domination or to merely challenge them in consistent attempts to usurp the throne to Borealis, with repeated failures following afterward. Nonetheless, Zarkhator Prime continued to resurrect his people from the grave and systematically arose and fell time and time again, never surrendering to Regnatus' destructive tendencies and always surviving the bloody onslaughts that followed with every time he emerged.

Despite the repeated destruction of the Zarkhator progeny and his own multiple retreats from the galaxy, Zarkhator Prime knew that it was not the Borealis Grox that had terrified him to his core on the day he made his horrifying discovery, believing that not even Regnatus and the Borealis Grox under his control knew of the darkness that would come to swallow the galaxy and destroy all within it. As Regnatus had settled for reigning over the galaxy rather than outright destroying it, Zarkhator Prime found relief and continued to oppose and be crushed under the unrelenting, sheer power of the Borealis Grox.

Borealis Wars[]

During the First Borealis Galactic War, Zarkhator Prime and his civilization remained in hiding from the galactic community, retreating to unknown reaches in order to avoid discovery after having lost to the Borealis Grox once again much to the ignorant bliss of the younger societies and cultures. Zarkhator Prime had grown ignorant himself of the petty conflicts between the younger civilizations, although some eons prior to the First Borealis Galactic War, in the last five billion years, Zarkhator Prime had become fiercely determined to prevent "the darkness" that he so greatly feared; in doing so, he observed the collective technological scale of the galaxy's natives, with the presence that threatened Borealis' security most being the Grox.

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, Zarkhator Prime undertook a larger, more significant amount of involvement; his presence and efforts unknown to the younger races that opposed the machinations of Regnatus, he fought against the Grox once again unaided, his civilization once again arising from the ashes from their previous, maddening defeat. Zarkhator Prime had taken to fighting 'in the dark', behind the galactic scenes and outside of Borealis publicity as he desired to keep the details and existence of himself and his people a secret so as to not threaten his own integrity. This cycle was different for Zarkhator Prime, however, as for the last five billion years he had adapted his tactics, as did the Grox, yet always resulted in defeat - this time around, Regnatus was destroyed and the Borealis Grox toppled by the unrelenting might of the courageous, yet primitive younger races with significant assistance from the last living Kormacvar, Arkarixus, who had captured the interest of Zarkhator. The last Kormacvar alive and the last of the once-mighty Warmasters, Arkarixus became another subject in Zarkhator's fanatical obsession with the ancient precursors.

During this time, Zarkhator Prime had noticed the amount of foreign societies that had established themselves within Borealis' Arms, and thus paid some interest into the extragalactic civilizations in order to feed his curiosity. However, he made little to no effort to contact his neighbours as he desired to remain anonymous, hidden from the Gigaquadrantic public interest. He remained focus on his goals, the plans he had spent billions of years forumlating, prior to attempting to execute these ideas in the next few years.

The Ice Age[]

During the Ice Age era, Zarkhator Prime revealed his existence and that of race and civilization to the public and government of the Polar Crystal Alliance in an attempt to communicate with the Warmaster Arkarixus for reasons as of yet unknown to all but himself, including his Custodians. As Arkarixus was not present due to participating in activities against the Dominion of the Xhodocto, Zarkhator Prime met with the Council of the PCA and had treated them with little more than disrespect due to their status as being members of lesser, inferior and younger races in the eyes of Zarkhator. In response, Zarkhator Prime initiated conflicts between his and their civilization, effectively commencing unrest with a large part of the galaxy.

With the absence of the Borealis Grox due to their defeat at the hands of the PCA a decade prior, Zarkhator Prime had took it upon himself to combat the galactic superpowers that reigned over Borealis, including the PCA's sister nation in the Rovegar Matriarchy, whom while older than the PCA organization are still much, much younger than the Zarkhator and have been identified as using technology derived from Kormacvar artefacts and scientific study - an approach that had caused utter disgust for Zarkhator as he believed that the lesser races served as parasites to the technological and scientific might of the Kormacvar, leeching off of designs that they had not the originality and resources to create themselves. Zarkhator Prime, in targeting the Rovegar, attacked one of their worlds where they had uncovered a Kormacvar beacon, which was swiftly unintentionally destroyed by the Penumbran Tetra Terya after transporting the extent of the information it stored into the subconscious of the Krektal.

In what would become known as the Zarkhator Incident, Zarkhator Prime selected the Custodian Zaharalei in order to subjugate what Kormacvar artefacts they could find that were linked to the Kormacvar beacon found on the Rovegar world, coming into conflict with the Soltako Armed Military in the process as well as the Rovegar Matriarchy several more times, with both times having involved the efforts of the last Rovegar male, Erureidan. The conclusion of the Zarkhator Incident saw Zaharalei significantly wounded by Tetra and the defeat of the Zarkhator for the time being, deprived of valuable information that revealed details regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the ancient Zarkhator civilization and providing some level of background to Zarkhator Prime himself. The PCA also managed to technologically boost the efficiency of their vessels and weaponry due to some assistance from the Kormacvar Legacy, particularly the Floridarixis.

Zarkhator Prime would remain absent from galactic activities aside from attacks made against the Rovegar Matriarchy as well as participating in the battle against Vorius, preventing the Wranploer from becoming the prophesized "World of Corpses" due to fighting alongside the Polar Crystal Alliance, the Rovegar Matriarchy, and other vital and significant civilizations from both outside and within the Borealis Galaxy. Aside from this, Zarkhator Prime and his forces would refrain from major galactic news stories for some time, while Zarkhator Prime saw their defeat during the Zarkhator Incident as only a mild obstacle that would not even cause a dent in the plans that he had prepared for the fate of the galaxy and its residents.


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Zarkhator Prime towered over many of Borealis' native aliens, with his stature often considered to be imposing and threatening by itself, even by other Zarkhator whom he stands over with little competition. He was almost identical in every way to his spawn, although he was noticeably larger and considerably more grotesque due to having attained scars prior to his rendering as an immortal, which he assumed were given to him by the Kormacvar, particularly a Warmaster. His cranial crest was also significantly larger than that of his progeny, with more spikes being visible upon the rear side of his body than a majority of other Zarkhator, although aside from these details he could be mistaken for any other member of the race he created.

He enjoyed adorning himself with regal clothing reminescent to that depicted in Kormacvar scriptures and art pieces, embracing the idea of himself being associated with godhood, with his personal royal armour, which also appeared similar to armour derived from Kormacvar art and media, also being somewhat decorative in nature despite its efficiency. Zarkhator Prime would often wear his armour at all times beneath his regal robes and would never be seen with a helmet of any kind, as it was in his nature to allow all to look upon his face as he accomplished his personal feats and let himself be the last thing his enemies see. Zarkhator Prime was infamous for his hellish eyes, burning with a constantly-illuminated crimson which only increased in its intensity when he was angered or using his psychic capabilities.


Zarkhatore Prime was a calculating and intellectual individual, maintaining absolute control over his emotional responses and primal urges that lied at the rear of his conscience. He was rarely seen displaying emotion that did not encompass aspects of boredom or annoyance, wearing a persistent frown upon his face although he was known to scowl and grimace when sufficiently agitated, with smiles and grins appearing every once in a blue moon. He was known to show little remorse for others, even towards those who were close to him, and thoroughly believed that, due to his condition as an immortal, his status as a revered entity, and his terrifying Essence powers, he was above a majority of Borealis natives and considered them close to animals by his own comparison. As such, Zarkhator worshiped no deities and held no religious belief of his own.

It was uncommon for Zarkhator Prime to involve himself in conflicts in person, preferring to orchestrate others to fight for him although he was by no means cowardly, with little reason to be; he preferred to fight opposition that actually posed a threat to him and enjoyed creating spectacles out of such events with the use of his capabilities, as it was when he is at his most eager and emotionally expressive. Zarkhator Prime suffered from severe amnesia regarding his past prior to his punishment, although he remembered only certain aspects of his childhood, particularly his infancy, and knew that it was the Kormacvar who had dealt their punishment onto him, also theorizing that the Kormacvar were behind his amnesia in some way. Zarkhator Prime held a firm belief in the "greater good" in that he was willing to do whatever it took to achieve the goals that he considered beneficial for both his people and the condition of the galaxy, even if it meant the death and subjugation of others against their own will, without hesitation or reluctance restraining his decisions.


Zarkhator Prime was an extremely powerful user of elemental energy due to a combination of his age and his precise level of control over his emotions and instinctive urges, providing much time for him to have undergone prolonged periods of meditation and thought-trekking. Zarkhator Prime had demonstrated abilities pertaining to Essence such as highly-developed telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading, and precognition, using these abilities without having to sacrifice any large amount of effort. When using his psychic abilities, he attained a reddish, fiery aura. Zarkhator Prime was also a physically potent opponent, with his mass and size, as well as his billions of years of combat training, allowing him to overcome many obstacles by himself without the need of others and without much effort to do so.

Zarkhator Prime wielded no weaponry, as he did not require them for combat, although his armour was significantly advanced and fitted with anti-kinetic bubble shielding, protecting Zarkhator Prime from a large variety of missiles to an impressive degree. As a result of his punishment, Zarkhator Prime was timeless, meaning he would never age beyond the point at which he was immortalized, and was capable of a terrifying level of regeneration, with some believing that he was able to restore himself to his prime state even if he should be damaged beyond repair. Zarkhator Prime's mere presence was said to be capable of influencing many to fear him, although whether this was due to his Essence abilities or his overall appearance was unknown.



Blue face.pngCharity and trust. That is all I ask of you.


Yellow face.pngDo not interfere with, or oppose, me if you wish to see yourself saved.

  • Arkarixus - I awaited the day we could meet within the flesh. Yet when it came, I regretted it.


Orange face.pngSacrifices must be made to achieve my goal. Specifically, your sacrifices.

  • Tetra - Defeat has never been this bitter.
  • Erureidan - Your optimism shall neither pierce or dent the truth of my ideal, zealot.


Red face.pngYou think yourself a bane to a god. Allow me to show you why you are wrong.

  • Floridarixis - You will die thrice.
  • The Mechanic - A mere machination of the Kormacvar. You do not and will not intimidate me, spineless automaton.
  • Zandrascus - You were to be my heir. But you ended up being my demise.


Such is the fate of the enemies of the Kormacvar Empire, no matter how long after its fall. You have no place in this galaxy.

- Arkarixus

Begone back to the shadows, Forbidden One.

- Floridarixis

I don't really remember you but I remember you're a war criminal, you whippersnapper! Shoo!

- The Mechanic

Man, I wanted to slap you before you got sent to jail. Didn't get the chance.

- Erureidan





  • Zarkhator Prime was inspired by one of the canon antagonists of the Spore franchise, Zarkhator, from the game Spore Hero, in terms of namesake and appearance while his background and personality is inspired by a combination of Lordgenome and the Anti-Spiral from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime series.
  • Zarkhator Prime's overall character and initial concept was also inspired by the Horatio from the Endless Space video game.